#SalPalEaglesCamp: Doug Pederson on Foles’ Performance, Wentz’s Return & His New Book

I’m with Eagles head coach Doug Pederson in lower Manhattan today – we are both on a book promotion tour at the ESPN studios – and I asked him about the poor performance of quarterback Nick Foles last night in the preseason game in Cleveland.

Pederson told me that Foles was “pressing a little bit.” I was surprised he said that, considering how Foles handled the pressure of last season so well – all the way to a Super Bowl title.

He says he was confident that Foles would work through his mistakes and correct them and be ready for Week 1, if necessary.

Pederson said one thing he will not press is the medical clearance of Carson Wentz. He told me he will not interfere with the team doctors – that there is no upside into pressuring them for a conclusive decision on when Wentz’s left knee will be ready to play in a game.

“It’s totally in the hands of the doctors,” Pederson says. “I will not do anything to interfere with that.”

Pederson, whose book “Fearless” was released Tuesday, was remarkably upbeat considering his first team offense has scored zero points in 10 offensive possessions in two preseason game.

“We have a lot of guys out right now, a lot of guys banged up,” he told me. “And we are very vanilla in our offense right now.”


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