#SalPalEaglesCamp: The 3 Things To Watch For In Tonight’s Game

Tonight the Super Bowl champs take the field in their first preseason game of 2018, and here are the top three things to watch for:

1. Backup quarterback Nate Sudfeld must operate the offense. In the preseason, there is very little opposition game planning. So on both sides of the ball, coaches want to see players execute the basics. For Sudfeld, it’s simple: get in and out of the huddle, have command at the line of scrimmage, and complete passes. Get first downs, move the football – that’s what the coaches want to see. And he should play plenty tonight.

2.  Rookie tight end Dallas Goedert – can he play at the NFL level? It’s a big jump from Division II college football. It’s rare that guys make it. (See Carson Wentz). Goedert needs to get separation, not miss assignments and catch the football when it comes to him.

3.  Can Cameron Johnston punt? He’s replacing the retiring legend Donnie Jones. So far in camp, Johnston has been a work in progress. An NFL team needs a reliable punter. If it can get a punter who is reliable and occasionally spectacular, all the better. Right now, Johnston needs to show he can get the job done. Or it’s time to call 1-800-Donnie-Jones and get him out of retirement.




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