Mornings can be tough. While jumping out of bed and greeting the sun with a smile isn’t for all of us, everyone has a routine. This is how eight successful South Jerseyans start their days.


Kasey--Hall-MassaKasey Massa

Founder, Camp No Worries

My mornings are usually typical: Shower, cup of coffee, rush the kids to the bus stop. Unless my son asks for a talk session. Sometimes, if he has something on his mind, he’ll come to me at 6 am and ask to talk, so that’s how I start my day.



bryanBryan Morton

President, North Camden Little League

I start my morning by yelling at the kids for waking me up too early. That’s between 6:30 and 7 am. I usually just want like five more minutes.






kristi howell south jersey

Kristi Howell

President/CEO, Burlington County Chamber of Commerce

Making my bed is the first thing I do every morning. Then, I shower, get ready and finish my smoothie that I made the night before. It’s almond milk, protein and banana and strawberry.





Wendy Martinez

Founder, Advocare The Women’s Group for OB/GYN

I go to my kickboxing class every morning at 9:30 am, then I grab my breakfast and go straight to surgery. Most of the time I just throw my scrubs on over my workout gear.




Ginny-1_600x380_acf_croppedGinny Marino

President/CEO, Girl Scouts of Central & Southern New Jersey

I actually eat breakfast in bed every morning for about 30 to 40 minutes. I’ll either watch Good Morning America, or if I’m not in a news mood, I’ll watch something you don’t have to think about, like QVC.




Rob Curley

South Jersey President, TD Bank

Since I’m usually running late once I wake-up, I jump out of bed and run downstairs without my glasses to make coffee. Although it’s pretty hard to see at 6:45 am without my glasses.




Heather Morse

Editor, SJ Magazine

The first thing I do every morning is empty the dishwasher. We use a lot of dishes, and I hate having it full in the morning.






Anne Klein

Founder, Anne Klein Communications Group

Since I don’t have to go into the office first thing in the morning, I don’t really have a routine. I start with my coffee and a bagel or breakfast sandwich – always turkey – and get on my computer to check some emails. Then at 11 am, I’ll shower and get ready.

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