I loved “Top Gun” as a kid in the ’80s but I couldn’t picture how Tom Cruise’s aging character in the reboot would adapt to the modern world. But right off the bat it’s clear that he’s still not over Goose’s death, and I liked that vulnerability. Then all the new more diversely casted pilots in the Top Gun program made it more interesting and fun.
Katie Ryan, Collingswood

“The Empire Strikes Back” is my favorite of the original Star Wars trilogy. Unlike “A New Hope,” it doesn’t have a traditional happy ending, and there were so many more quotable lines. “Why, you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking…nerf-herder!” – Classic Princess Leia!
Pam Girgenti, Marlton

Who doesn’t love “Toy Story?” It was an all-around classic movie that brought Woody and Buzz Lightyear to the world (thank you!). In fact, the entire series, including the latest one, are wonderful. But “Toy Story 2” shines brighter, surpassing the first (and later ones) in every way. It was better animated, the storyline/adventure tale is more developed, and it’s actually pretty deep.
Kelly Halloran, Merchantville

“The Godfather 2” goes beyond the typical gangster storyline of the original, sucking you into the Corleone family dynamics. Most of all, I love watching young Robert De Niro and Al Pacino way more than Marlon Brando.
Carla Samoyan, Sicklerville

“Young Guns II” was so much better than “Young Guns” – and not just because I was in the middle of my Lou Diamond Phillips crush. I remember talking to the screen in the movie theater when his character was dying, saying, “Don’t die. Don’t die.” Also, it has one of the best theme songs ever, Jon Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory” and even a cameo by Bon Jovi.
Nanette Williams, Medford

The first Star Trek movie was slow and plodding, with very little action. The second, “The Wrath of Khan,” had a great, action-packed story and an iconic villain in Khan – played brilliantly by Ricardo Montalbán.
Mike Barr, Cherry Hill

“Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn” was basically a remake of “Evil Dead” with a much bigger budget – so superior. It’s one of the greatest (and funniest) horror films of all time.
Jeff Ball, Burlington

“Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior” is the greatest action movie ever made. It has the best chase scene, awesome costumes and the perfect cast. The original had a great story line but was low-budget, and it showed.
Griffen Grimes, Mays Landing

I liked “The Dark Knight” over the original “Batman”most of all because Heath Ledger as The Joker gives one of the greatest performances in modern times. It’s so sad he died soon after.
Cookie Miller, Swedesboro

Although maybe not a direct sequel, I liked “Split” better than “Unbreakable.” While both are classic M. Night Shyamalan psychological thrillers, “Split” was a compelling character study from the start, while “Unbreakable” rolled out slowly.
Carol Pletcher, Cherry Hill

“Aliens” is so much better than “Alien.” The overall plot was stronger in the reboot and there was more action. I also liked the supporting cast better than the original film.
Diana Hunter, Medford Lakes

“Spider-Man 2” is more interesting than the original because it’s about how hard it is to be a teenage superhero.
Ken Valenti, Washington Twp.

This may be controversial but I prefer “Grease 2” to the original. I have a weird love for the movie and its campy soundtrack. And Michelle Pfeiffer singing and dancing is worth the watch.
Kris Storm, Bellmawr

The second “Mama Mia” movie was so much better than the first. One word…Cher.
Liza Malonte, Haddon Twp.

October 2022
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