One More Thing: What would you do if you won the lottery?

After donations to charity: I’d buy a home in Manhattan, a home in Vail, CO and a home in Beach Haven or near the beach. Plus: a pilot on retainer to fly between the homes, a car at each home, a chef to cook healthy meals and a maid to care for the homes. There’d also be regular exercise, massages and facials. I’d also hope for the good health to enjoy it. That should do it for me.
Lynn Pechinski, Medford


I would give away $100 million to the person who could cure my sister’s cancer.
Melissa Young, Moorestown


I’d retire and dedicate my time and resources to those who fall through the cracks in our society. Oh…And I would buy a beautiful house and a Maserati.
Renee Vidal, Medford


I’d pay off my student loans, cut my work hours way back, volunteer more and get routine massages and pedicures. I could go on and on…
Amy Midgley, Collingswood


Settle any debts. Start a multimedia production facility and open a collectible’s shop.
Dave Bailey, Mays Landing


I would buy a beautiful golf course and hook it up with an amazing sound system with speakers at every hole, every fairway and all greens and tees. Each day we’d play a different genre of music. I’d hire live bands to plug in day and night. Yes, with lights we’d have night golf concerts.
Mike Brill, Via Facebook


I’d like to think I would do something noble with it, and maybe I would, but I can’t help thinking how nice it would be to buy a convertible and drive to California, staying at any hotel I wanted along the way and ordering room service, then shopping on Rodeo Drive. Seems pretty good to me.
L. Charlty, Via Facebook


There’s a website where you can make bobblehead dolls of yourself, so probably hundreds of those. If jetpacks exist, buy a jetpack. If not, maybe charity.
Brad Beideman, Moorestown


I would create a program that educates poor children and women in India, and then travel the world with
my husband.
Rachel Mathew, Voorhees


Here’s what I wouldn’t do: I wouldn’t have my picture taken with a giant check, and I wouldn’t want my name in the newspaper. I always see those people and think, “How many phone calls must they get from every sales person and long-lost relative?” I think the best thing to do is just take a few weeks to collect your thoughts. Don’t do anything right away.
Jim Tranz, Via Facebook


I would spend at least 24 hours trying to comprehend exactly what happened to me. Then I’d pay off my student loans and my younger brother’s student loans, and I would donate a portion of my winnings to St. Jude Children’s Hospital, the Bradley Lowery Foundation and the Hurricane Harvey Relief fund. And to thank my parents for giving me everything I ever needed (and wanted), I would send them on the vacation of their dreams.
Francesca Aldrich, Burlington


I’d move someplace very tropical, and I’d pay for my family and close friends to come with me.
Claire Sylvester, Egg Harbor Township


I’d try to secretly give money to family and close friends. I’d buy a house on the beach in Ocean City, maybe two depending on how much I won (one for me and immediate family; one for friends and people in need) and possibly buy a condo in New Orleans or Charleston. And travel. I’d travel first class, not the squishy economy seats.
Patricia Quigley, Mantua

October 2017
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