I was at the Made in America music festival in Philly in 2019 waiting for Juice Wrld to go on. Hugging the barrier at the show, I realized Matisse Thybulle had replaced the security guard who had been standing next to me. We watched the show next to each other, and he was super friendly – he even put me on his Instagram story!
Josie Mara, Haddonfield

My Sweet 16 gift was general admission tickets to see Harry Styles at the Wells Fargo Center – but I was determined to upgrade. I researched the stage set-up, got there really early and waited for my chance. When other fans rushed center stage, I held back, carefully picking a spot by the corner of a catwalk. It paid off. He was inches away from me when he sang “Sunflower, Vol. 6.” We made eye contact and he blew me a kiss. I totally lost my mind!
Cat Williams, Cherry Hill

During the pandemic shutdown, my then 6-year-old son Brody and I saw 2 men having an intense workout on the Eastern High School football field in Voorhees. It was Eagles Avonte Maddox and Dallas Goedert. Brody was wearing his police uniform and Dallas said they felt safer knowing he was there to protect them.
Arsinoe Feld, Voorhees

I met Henry Winkler in New York and got emotional as I told him how much I valued his openness about his struggles with Dyslexia and his support for kids with learning disabilities. He gave me a big hug. What a lovely man.
Rachel Payne, Gloucester

I helped serve Brooke Shields frozen yogurt at my mall job in the ’80s. My coworker scooping the fro-yo didn’t realize who she was until another co-worker whispered, “Dude, that’s Brooke Shields.” Mid-scoop he stops, looks up and says, “Wait, are you Brooke Shields?” and we all burst out laughing. We chatted for a few minutes before Brooke and her mom left.
Ed Rentezelas, Cherry Hill

I met Chris Cornell in the summer of ’92 at the Lollapalooza festival in North Jersey. He was hanging out in the crowd early in the day before Soundgarten’s turn on stage. I shook his hand and then, star-struck, had no idea what else to say. Years later, a couple of friends and I met the rest of the band at a bar in Philly. This time I was cooler. We played foosball with them.
Matt Frank, Willingboro

I met Joan Rivers in 2014 on QVC, where I was promoting a toy for my job in product development. We were forbidden to talk to her, but she walked up to me and said, “I love your dress, honey. That’s a great color on you!” I never wanted to take off that dress again.
Debbie Barr, Cherry Hill

My friend and I were jogging in Central Kevin Bacon just a few feet ahead of us. My friend dared up my pace and got next to him. “Hi Kevin,” I said. He turned to look at me, semi-smiled, nodded and then picked up pace.
Julie Rosenberg, Westmont

I saw Jennifer Lawrence walking down the street in NYC. This was years ago. She was walking fast, had headphones in and clearly didn’t want to talk to anyone. I was actually too scared to say anything because she really looked like she didn’t want to talk to anyone. Still love her though!
Brady Nolshten, Hainesport

I was selected by my high school in Canada to meet Prince (now King) Charles and the late Princess Diana. Lady Di asked us each what we wanted to do when we grew up and wished us luck pursuing our dreams. She made eye contact with every person who talked to her.
Ian Sirota, Cherry Hill

My all-time favorite celeb encounter was with Sarah Jessica Parker. My sister and I had to buy $400 shoes to get her to sign them and to say hello but it was definitely well worth it. Absolute sweetheart.
Marjorie Gold, Voorhees

November 2022
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