One More Thing: What makes you laugh?

Trying to teach my parents how to take flattering selfies.
Leslie Crowley, Glassboro

Whenever I ask my 18-month-old nephew for a kiss, he waddles up to me and licks my cheek. We think he saw the dog do it once. Now he refuses to learn any other way.
Ellie Knowles, Medford

When someone else thinks the same crazy thing that I was thinking.
Susan Kardos, Cherry Hill

If you badger my brother-in-law enough times at a family get-together, he’ll pull out what he calls “the trot,” where he literally trots across the floor in the most dramatic way possible. My sister hates it, which makes it even funnier.
John Hollis, Voorhees

Answering my mom’s questions about technology. After 82 attempts, she still doesn’t know how to attach a file. It’s either laugh or cry. I choose to laugh.
Sam Farmer, Berlin

When my dog gets startled and disgusted by her own farts. And then leaves the room to get away from the smell.
Tonya Becker, Voorhees

Listening to Anderson Cooper giggle. He brings me such joy!
Kristin Holmes, Hammonton

Remembering the time my mom put gravy in her coffee by mistake instead of cream and how she spit it out all over everybody and everything around her.
Carey Samson, Haddonfield

“Thoughts of Dog” on Twitter. It’s a must-read for any pet owner.
Shelley Carter, Shamong

Every time Moira Rose says “Baby” (bey-bey) on “Schitt’s Creek.”
Rachel Berger, Collingswood

Watching my nieces make TikTok videos and seeing them twerk.
Jessie Kunkle, Linwood

Listening to Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) laugh on “Parks & Rec.” Sometimes I have to replay a few times.
Kate Miller, Mount Holly

Gritty. Everything he does is funny, even if it wouldn’t be if anyone else was doing it. Just picturing his comical, Muppet face makes me smile.
Jillian Rice, Moorestown

Watching the episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” when Sweet Dee does stand-up comedy and dry heaves. I cry laughing every time.
Anthony Sbarra, Bellmawr

My 7-year-old daughter’s belly laugh. If she can’t stop and laughs harder, then we both can’t stop! This happens more when we are overtired – which happened a lot during quarantine.
Corinne Boettger, Cherry Hill

James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” is always hilarious, but the one with the Red Hot Chili Peppers is most joyful. The band is definitely having the best time ever belting out their greatest hits while cruising LA. Corden and Anthony Kiedis wrestling on a random front yard takes it to the extreme.
Cameron Styles, Williamstown

November 2020
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