Wide Awake: Giving Thanks
My annual list of why life is good

Normally, I’m worried that coming up with this annual list will be difficult, but not this year. As I get older – or maybe as my children get older – I am more aware of how much there is to be thankful for. And I’m happy to say it crosses my mind more than just one month a year.

For years, I started this column being thankful no one in my family required chemo, and I still am. But after my dad’s illness, I am more aware of the many people who are battling cancer and just how horrible that fight is.

I’m thankful for long underwear, the heated seats in my car and, for the third year in a row, my heated blanket.

Surprisingly, I’m thankful Maura drives.

I’m thankful I no longer have to drive through school’s pick-up line. I can’t tell you how much I hate the pick-up line.

I’m thankful for vanilla yogurt with mini peanut butter cups on top.

I’m thankful Flyers Captain Claude Giroux let us shoot him for the March cover. The Flyers weren’t having their best season and I’m sure he wasn’t in the mood to have his picture taken, but he showed up – and he was a nice guy.

I’m thankful for HBO’s “The Newsroom.”

I’m thankful Joe has developed a new habit of getting me a Starbucks iced tea on his way home from the gym in the morning.

I’m thankful my kids will still go with me to Johnson’s Farm for whatever the picking season is. They know you don’t have to be 4 to have fun on a hayride.

I’m thankful after saving and saving my frequent buyer points at Sephora, a Bumble & Bumble shampoo package was added as one of the gifts. I had the 500 points to scoop it up.

I’m thankful for the ’70s channel on Sirius radio. Whenever a good song comes on – like anything by the Bay City Rollers – I videotape about 30 seconds of the song and text it to my two childhood friends.

I’m thankful for Sal Paolantonio, who asked me if he could write an article for the magazine about NFL Hall of Famer Dave Robinson. (Like he had to ask!)

I’m thankful Maura blogs.

I’m thankful for OPI’s nail polish color You’re a Pisa Work.

I’m thankful for how many people support the magazine. They are responsible for our success. So are the many staffers who are truly committed to our mission: Todd, Crista, Heather, Erin, Kathy, Robin, Lou, Linda, Melissa and Patty plus our writers and copyeditors. I’m grateful for the work they do.

I’m thankful for the many women – and even men – who stop me to tell me something they read in the magazine touched them or helped them or just put them in a good mood. One woman told me she started writing in a journal after reading my columns.

Wow – you can’t get a compliment much better than that.

It seems the new “it” color for clothes is cobalt blue. I’m so thankful for that.

I’m thankful I like printed books more than e-readers.

I’m thankful that when I called my brother and said, “Real fast, what’s your American Express number?” He gave it to me. He didn’t ask any questions. I eventually told him about the tickets I was in the middle of buying, but that’s a good brother who asks questions after he gives you his credit card number.

I’m thankful I finally figured out how to make a good hard-boiled egg. (You may think that’s not a big accomplishment, but you don’t live with me.)

I’m thankful for Johnny Mathis. (Really, I am.)

Sometimes I’m thankful that Klein loves going to college in a big city. But sometimes I’m not.

And once again, I’m thankful my list fills up this page. And actually, my list was too long this year and had to be edited. I’m thankful for that.

November 2013
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