She’s cute, she’s whimsical, she loves to dress up, she pays homage to healthcare workers, runs food drives and attracts loads of attention. She’s your new neighbor, and she’s a dummy.

And no, we aren’t being rude – this mannequin named Hope A. Bounds lives in Audubon on Sara Joy Kuhlen’s Chestnut Street front porch. Kuhlen, a music therapist, has been looking for ways to liven up her yard ever since seeing the elaborate Halloween displays at her neighbor’s house. When Covid-19 hit, she found a better use for the dummy she had been planning to dress up in creepy crawling costumes next month.

Every day for months, Hope has been dressed up in different outfits from Mary Poppins to a nurse to a hairstylist with the hope of bringing some joy to the neighborhood.

“She’s become quite popular on Facebook and around town,” she says, “perhaps more so with the adults!”

September 8, 2020
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