In the town of Dennisville sits a chair, but no ordinary chair. Well it actually is pretty ordinary, but its following is anything but. 

The red chair, which is balancing on the roof’s edge of an abandoned home, has sparked a Facebook group with more than 11,000 members awaiting the moment when it will fall the 2 stories to the ground. 

In the meantime, enthusiastic watchers flood the group, named Chair Watch, with memes, photos, chair updates, artwork and theories. With the help of skilled photoshopping, Evel Knievel has jumped over the house, the Phillies – plus the Fanatic – sat on the roof and Frank Sinatra has sat on the chair. It’s even gone global, with watchers from Portugal, Sicily, the UK and more joining in after hearing the news story in their home country. 

For now, the watch continues.

photo: Christine Sexton

December 2023
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