Adventure Aquarium got two adorable additions just in time for Mother’s Day.

Yesterday, the aquarium announced the hatching of its 27th African penguin and its second little blue chick.

The African penguin chick, a female named Lemmie by the staff, hatched on March 29 to first-time parents Mouse and Cliff.

The little blue chick, also a female, has yet to be named and hatched on April 22 (Earth Day!) to first-time parents Sapphire and Bloke.

Visitors can vote to name the little blue chick starting this weekend by dispensing spare change into the station representing the name they like best in the aquarium lobby. The choices are Kirra (an Australian Aboriginal name meaning “leaf”), Talia (an Australian Aboriginal name meaning “near water”) and Terra (the Latin name for “Earth”).

All donations will benefit little blue penguins in the wild and the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife Manly little penguin colony restoration efforts.

Don’t look for the two new members just yet, because both chicks will remain behind the scenes until they are ready to be introduced to their colonies.

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