The Front Yard Project
Capturing some outside fun – yard by yard – while doing some good for South Jersey
By Photography by David Michael Howarth

Look out the window…SJ Magazine’s longtime photographer David Michael Howarth may be scoping out your
front yard – at a safe distance of course. But don’t worry, it’s for a great cause.

Howarth joined the national #frontyardproject, and we’re so proud of (and impressed with) his work. He put out a call last month for families who would like to be photographed in their front yards. Only payment would be a donation to Camden’s Cathedral Kitchen. At the time of printing, he had raised more than $4,000.

And oh, what fun it was. Families came out for their photo shoots dressed in their quarantine stir-crazy best. We can’t get over the creativity. The effort. The joy. In every photo, you can see how we made it through a pretty crazy time. By sticking together.



The Bloom family: Craig and SJ Editor Jayne Jacova Feld, Lee, 15, Cary, 12, and Ravi, 16



The Dickert family: Tyler, 1, Mike, Kari and Jake, 3



The Angelucci family: Kathy, Mike, Matthew, 9, and Sophia, 8



The Feld family: Ross, Brody, 5, and Arsinoe with their dog Chase



The Shariff family: Pratima, Mohammed, Alina, 8, Suhana, 6, and Rehan, 2



Mark and Brianna Byrne



The Blackmore family: Kristin, Chris, Arianna, 9, Kaleigh, 10, and Braelyn, 6



The Mazure family: Jasper, 4, CJ, 12, Nicole and Jeff with their dog Charlie



The Ryan family: Kevin, Nicole, Noah, 12, Drew, 9 and Grant, 5



The Fillmore family: Monica, Ryan, Tejal, 7, and Priyanka, 5



The Dortch family: James, 8, Lee and Isla, 5



The Kover family: Nate, 13, Jenn, Kyle, 10, and Kelly



The Meise family: Joey, 2, Gwen, Bill and Billy, 2



The Lodhavia family: Ansh, 12, Kruti, Dev and Anay, 10



The Gilham family: Rosie, 3, Eric, Quinn, 1, and Courtney



The Lynch family, Cooper, 7, Lindsey, Finnegan, 5, and Andrew



The McKiernan family: Keegan, 9, Kira, Kaia, 5, Drew and Aiden, 12

April 2020
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