Each year, we ask kids throughout SJ to tell us why they think their moms are beautiful, and their endearing entries always make us smile. Their letters are filled with heartwarming words about their moms’ kindness, valuable advice, endless encouragement and gentle hugs. Their lovable letters prove SJ is filled with magnificent moms – and lots of happy families.

Thanks to all the devoted sons and daughters who entered our contest. You’re lucky to have such beautiful moms!



Congratulations to our grand prize winners, Kate Ball and her 11-year-old daughter, Madeline



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Madeline Ball, age 11, with mom Kate

My mom is awesome. She is always there for my family. She helps us with homework. She volunteers at our schools. When I play basketball, she is always in the stands supporting me.

My mom is caring. She is a teacher and loves her students. She discovered that a student was not celebrating the holidays because of financial problems. She organized a toy drive and gave gifts to that family and five others. She also created a food bank at Shawnee High School to provide meals for families.

My mom is awesome because she teaches me to put others first and to be kind.







Nicole Gale, age 10, with mom Liz

My mom’s beauty comes from inside. When I have a problem, she has a solution. She teaches me manners and many lessons in life. My mom knows what’s going on in school and is nice to everyone. She tells me that I’m beautiful, and I feel comfortable sharing things with her. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, she helps calm me down. She encourages me to be creative and is always proud of me. She surprises me with demonstrations of her love by finding ways to make me happy. My mother always loves me.


Chloe Edwards, age 9, with mom Cicely

My mom is very beautiful on the inside and outside. One way to describe her beauty on the inside is her kindness. For example, when I ask for help with homework she is always there to help. Another way is she’s comforting. When I’m sad, she makes me feel better. However, the best example of her kindness is that she’s loving even when upset with me.

I’ve always admired my mother’s physical beauty. She’s 5 feet, 8 inches tall with dark-brown hair, and she always has a pretty French manicure.

My mother’s inner and outer beauty is perfection!


Paul Dezii, age 14, with mom Marie

My mom is beautiful, in many ways. To start out with, her face is beautiful. Her eyes sparkle like the horizon. Her smiles can warm you up like hot chocolate on a winter day. Her curly hair means she is too busy with us, our schedule and our health rather than her own. The personality of my mom is also beautiful. She teaches kindergarten, which means her students are like her kids. She cares about them almost as much as my family. How beautiful she is cannot be expressed in under 100 words.


Miles Joarder and JulieMiles Joarder, age 7, with mom Julie

It is hard to write about how beautiful my mom is. There are too many things to write about, but I’m doing it. My mom is so beautiful I feel like hugging her for my whole life! She looks more beautiful than my friends’ moms. On the outside, my mom might be a little mean, but inside she is caring, loving and nice to people. There is much more about her I can’t even name all of them. If I get married I want to marry my mom.



Shakshi Chopra and SeemaSakshi Chopra, age 12, with mom Seema

To me, my mom is the most beautiful person in the world. True beauty shine on the inside, and my mom is a wonderful, intelligent and amazing person that I admire and love wholeheartedly. She cooks, chauffeurs and works harder than anyone I know. With kind and loving motherly patience, she has brought up my brother and me to be everything we are today. Always ready with a gentle hug, always there to make me smile – I can’t imagine life without my mom. She is truly beautiful and deserves all the happiness in the world!



Colton Christie, age 12, with mom Cheryl


Beautiful, wonderful spectacular you,
You have integrity and work hard too,
I love the things you do for me,
Like teaching me my ABCs!

You’re #1!
You are an expert shopper,
For that I’m sure,
You buy delectable foods,
And use coupons galore!

You can’t be beat!
You continually help others whether rich or poor,
Mom, I can’t thank you enough for all you do!
You never give up when things don’t go your way,
Your smiles always brighten my day!

You are amazing!
You are very special,
I just want you to know,
Now just remember…
I love you so!


Gracie Ferrie, age 8, with mom Kim

My mom is beautiful because she is kind and caring. Her eyes twinkle like stars in the night sky. To me, it seems like she stands out from the others, with long brown hair, kind and caring. She is funny, also. I think she is very, very brave, even when my dad is away (he is in the National Guard). But above all that, she is very, very, very beautiful in the heart.


Nate Sullivano, age 9, with mom Sarah

My mom is a beauty, she isn’t a beast.
She smell like rose petals that never stop loving me.
My mom really loves me, even more than the world.
She fights for a cause, and never for applause.
She’s so kind and generous, and intelligent too.
I love my mom and she loves me too.


Erica & Jessica Jacobson and KathyErica Jacobson, age 14 and Jessica Jacobson, age 7, with mom Kathy

Not only is our mom beautiful on the outside, but she’s also beautiful on the inside. Our amazing mom has a friendly, genuine smile that lights up a room. She taught us that our attitude and the way we present ourselves contribute to outside beauty. Our mom is a wonderful person who cares about everyone and everything, and that also makes her beautiful. She not only makes time for our family, but she also works full-time. There is no doubt our mom should win this contest.


Leah Hershberger and JackieLeah Hershberger, age 14, with mom Jackie

How should I start this? Well, my mom is turning 50 this year. She is a very hard worker, the best mom ever and she suffers from alopecia. My mom has lost all of her hair because of it. She has suffered with this for four years. My mom is my hero because she never gives up, and she keeps going even when the going gets tough. Even though she works full-time at a bank, she always has time for my sister and me. My mom is always questioning whether she is pretty, which is ridiculous because she is gorgeous. I love you, mom.

May 2013
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