For three women, change has brought about excitement for what lies ahead. After consulting with celebrity stylist Renee Reese and receiving refreshed and reinvented looks from top SJ makeover artists, these women are now ready to begin the next chapter of their lives with renewed enthusiasm and style.

Last year, Brenda Lawrence lost 90 pounds. “Sometimes I can’t believe it’s me,” she says of her slimmer self. So when the opportunity for a makeover came her way, she couldn’t pass it up. Lawrence, who works as a childcare provider and has an 18-year-old son, says, “I want something different to mark this new start.”

Dr. Wendy Martinez is a dedicated OB/GYN, mom to a busy teen daughter and companion to her 82-year-old mother. Needless to say, Martinez tends to put others first, and her beauty routine second. “On the rare occasion I do go shopping, I buy a million things at once because I’m so pressed for time,” she says. “Getting a whole new style would be a nice treat.”

Nicole Tinges – mom to a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old – says it’s a good day if she manages to brush her teeth and put her hair into a ponytail before going to work. “My look comes down to the fact that I lack time and energy, but this makeover has motivated me to get out of the rut I’ve fallen into.”



Brenda_BeforeBrenda Lawrence

The Makeup Bar’s Andrea Vilardi focused on Lawrence’s eyebrows first. “They’re too heavy and closing off her face,” says brow stylist Vilardi. After thinning out and shaping Lawrence’s brows to better accent her eyes, Vilardi then tinted them a few shades lighter to brighten her entire face. Esthetician Rebecca Gawlick gave Lawrence a “micro-mini facial,” a 15-minute procedure she says is designed to exfoliate, refine and hydrate the skin.

Colorist Dominick Rocco deepened Lawrence’s hair color and added rich highlights to complement her skin tone. “The red shade in her old color was washing her out. Plus, a deeper color will be easier for her to maintain,” says Rocco. Stylist Jonathan Raffaele trimmed and shaped her hair to give her a lighter, updated look.

The grand finale of Lawrence’s new look included a makeup application from Lisa Severino. “Her skin tone is best suited to warm tones, so I used coppers and light browns to contour lids and make her blue eyes pop,” says Severino.

Celebrity stylist Renee Reese showed Lawrence how to select clothes that flatter her new shape. “Brenda has lost a lot of weight, but she’s still wearing clothes that are way too big for her,” says Reese. “Her old look just made her lost in the crowd.”

To help her stand out, Reese dressed Lawrence in clothing that was fitted closer to her body. “I think Brenda was surprised to see the clothing options she now has,” says Reese. “It was fun to see her get excited about the things that look great on her.”

Brenda_AFTERTips from the Pros:

“Too many women apply eyeliner to their bottom lash line but not to their top lash line. Too much liner on the bottom can make eyes look smaller and tired. You should always apply more eyeliner to the top lash line to bring the focus on the eyes upward and make them look larger.” – Lisa Severino

“When you’re shaping your brows, don’t follow any trends. The shape of your brows should be more about your particular face shape.” – Andrea Vilardi

“Exfoliate your skin on a regular basis, but be sure to use a gentle product. Skin that has been gently exfoliated actually absorbs your moisturizer better and prevents it from just sitting on top of the skin.” – Rebecca Gawlick

“Red hair colors are hard to do at home. You can end up with a color that comes out too pink or even hot red. If you’re going for red, it’s better to go to a salon. If you want to color your hair at home, stick with simple shades of brown.”  – Dominick Rocco

“Lots of hairstyles look great at the salon but horrible once you have to style it yourself. Before you get a cut, talk to your stylist about your lifestyle and be sure you understand the maintenance involved.”Jonathan Raffaele

The Makeup Bar, Cherry Hill
Eyebrow stylist: Andrea Vilardi | Colorist: Dominick Rocco | Esthetician: Rebecca Gawlick
Makeup: Lisa Severino | Stylist: Jonathan Raffaele


Fashion  |  Coral bolero shrug, $39.95; embellished tank top, $29.95; flare jeans, $69.95; Lane Bryant, Cherry Hill Mall
Accessories  |  Betsey Johnson earrings, $40; Betsey Johnson necklace, $45; Hippy Chick Boutique, Mullica Hill
Stylist | Renee Reese



Nicole_BEFORENicole Tinges

Stylist Stephanie Luciotti gave Nicole Tinges hair a layered cut that would flatter her face but still be easy to pull back on her busiest days. Colorist Traci Taglienti immediately noticed that Tinges’ old hair color wasn’t doing much for her skin tone, so she deepened her base color and added subtle highlights. “I know she’s a busy mom, so I chose to give her color and highlights that will grow out nicely so she can go longer between touch-ups,” explains Taglienti.

Makeup artist Ashley Hui wanted to give Tinges a current look that was still natural and easy to re-create. She used soft shades of brown, which play up Tinges’ warm skin tones. Even on mornings when Tinges is pressed for time, Hui explains that applying just a quick coat of mascara and lip gloss will “make her eyes pop and give her a polished look.”

Renee Reese’s mission was to choose clothes that gave Tinges’ petite frame some curves.  “She’s a size zero, but wearing clothes that give her no shape are not flattering,” Reese says. To better show off her slender figure and give her a “sexy, bo-ho look,” Reese selected white fitted jeans and a baggy silk tunic and paired them with chic accessories.

Though Tinges works from home, Reese explains that she can – and should – look put-together each day. “She can still be comfortable working in jeans and a cute top. Plus, things like meetings and appointments pop up from time to time, and this way she looks stylish and more professional.”

Nicole_AFTERTips from the Pros:

“Your hair doesn’t have to be sloppy just because you’re busy. You can take two seconds to tease your hair on top of your head then put it up into a cute ponytail. Or, take two seconds to style your bangs before you put it up. Just a few seconds can make even a ponytail look stylish and not like sloppy gym hair.”  – Stephanie Luciotti

“If you have skin imperfections like rosacea or blemishes, don’t try to completely hide them with makeup. If you apply too much makeup to them, it actually highlights the imperfections.” – Ashley Hui
“Your hair color should always highlight your face and skin tones. Stay away from harsh colors and go for a more natural look. If your color is right, your skin will actually look better.” – Traci Taglienti


(thriv.) salon and spa, Cherry Hill
Colorist: Traci Taglienti  |  Makeup: Ashley Hui  |  Stylist: Stephanie Luciotti


Fashion  | J Brand white cropped jeans, $158; silk tunic, $99; Denim Habit, Marlton; Sabrina brown wedges, $48; Francesca’s Collections, Marlton
Accessories  |  Tribal Artistic bead necklace, $28, Francesca’s Collections, Marlton;  Big Buddha chain clutch in camel, $78; Tarina Tarantino banana ring, $70; Tarina Tarantino bracelet, $125, Hippy Chick Boutique, Mullica Hill
Stylist | Renee Reese




Wendy_BEFOREWendy Martinez

Rizzieri stylist and colorist John Warren began by lightening up Martinez’s locks, using her honey-brown eyes as inspiration for the new shade. He then shortened up her hair to better frame her face. “I wanted to give her a style that was more sophisticated but with a little bit of an edge so it’s not too run-of-the-mill,” Warren says.

Makeup artist Christine Spera explains that Martinez has beautiful skin, so she simply wanted to polish her appearance. “I used a light foundation to even out her skin tone. I then used a pretty, bright blush with a glossy lip and lighter eye makeup to help her look more refreshed, even on days when she hasn’t had much sleep,” says Spera.

Renee Reese – who has dressed celebrities, NFL wives and female executives – was especially excited to dress Martinez in new clothes. “She is either in scrubs or a dress,” Reese explains. “She loves clothes, but she’s so busy she hasn’t had time to ever establish her own style.”

Being that Martinez already has several great pieces in her wardrobe, Reese decided to show her how to mix and match items to create what she describes as a “sexy but professional style that’s less cookie-cutter.” In the end, Reese paired a feminine top with a sleek black leather jacket, jeans and chic accessories to give Martinez a look that does double duty – much like Martinez herself.

wendy AFTER _DMH4930Tips from the Pros:

“Summer is a great time to try out bronzer. When you apply it, don’t just put it on your cheeks – lightly apply it wherever the sun naturally hits your face on your forehead, the apples of your cheeks, your nose and your chin. Get a large brush and apply a little at a time so you don’t overdo it.” – Christine Spera

“Many women, when they reach a certain age, think they have to cut their hair and have a more conservative style. That definitely doesn’t have to be the case. As long as you keep it sophisticated and have a flattering color, anything goes, no matter your age.” – John Warren



Rizzieri Salon and Spa, Marlton
Colorist/Stylist: John Warren | Makeup: Christine Spera


Fashion | Hudson Bacara Crop Straight Cuffed Jeans, $189; Denim Habit, Marlton; coral top and leather jacket, her own
Accessories | Coral stone necklace, $28, turquoise stone necklace, $28, teardrop earrings, $12, and multi-bead bracelet, $18, Francesca’s Collections, Marlton
Stylist | Renee Reese




Special thanks to:

Renee Reese, 313-510-1949,
Rizzieri Salon and Spa, Marlton,
The Makeup Bar, Cherry Hill,
(thrīv.) salon & spa, Cherry Hill,
Denim Habit, Marlton, 856-596-2121,
Francesca’s Collections, Marlton, 856-983-1146,
Hippy Chick Boutique, Mullica Hill, 856-478-0244
Lane Bryant, Cherry Hill Mall, 856-663-7107

“After” photos shot on location at The Mansion, Voorhees by David Michael Howarth

May 2011
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