One More Thing: What Is Your Most Prized Possession?

One of my most prized possessions is a 5 x 7 framed color photograph of my four sisters and I dancing. It is a vintage photo from the mid-1980s when my family was living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This photograph captures the spirit and personality of each of my sisters so perfectly. Every time I walk by it, I giggle a little. We were our own private girl gang; we pestered one another and protected each other fiercely. We are all living in different states now, and thankfully we speak often.

Krista Niles, via Facebook  

I know this will make me sound super shallow, but I just bought my first car – a 2017 MINI Cooper. The color is Moonwalk Grey, and I love it. But what I love most is I paid for it after three years working in a real job. I totally feel like an adult.

Jeff Crantez, via Facebook  

I would have to say my laptop because it has all my photos on it, and I never back it up.

Laura Reese, Mantua  

My most prized possession is my engagement ring. The stone is a family heirloom from my husband’s family that I want to pass down to my grandkids and their grandkids. It’s more than a ring – it’s a story, and that is what is most important to me.

Mariel Giletto, Mt. Laurel 

A doll called Suzie that I was obsessed with growing up. I took her everywhere with me and couldn’t fall asleep without her. I always bit on her hand so my parents got multiple Suzies, but none were as good as the originals. I would only use the same three despite there being extras.

Catherine Levins, Moorestown   

A photo of our older daughter holding her newborn sister. They’ve made it through plenty of sister scrapes since then and as adults they continue to look after each other. That photo shows a tenderness that I treasure.

Lori Marshall,  Mullica Hill 

The notebook I write in for work. Everything I need to remember – and need to do – is written in there. Maybe this is a sign I should start keeping notes in the cloud?

Rinata Katt, Stone Harbor  

My mother’s handwritten recipes. They represent so much of who she was, my family when I was young and what my business is built upon today. I would hate to not be able to pass them on, in their original form, to my daughter. Yes, they are scanned and saved to the Cloud, but there is something special and irreplaceable that connects me to my mom on those old, stained, wrinkled pages.

Ruth Scott, via Facebook  

A gorgeous painting that a local artist, Claude Winn, made several years ago. It hangs in a prominent place in our home.

Coby Green-Rifkin, Kingston  

Years ago, I was a concert promoter working at a Billy Joel concert. The power had gone out and everyone was standing around, when Billy suggested we start a touch football game. I was the quarterback, and I threw him a long pass–must have been 50 yards. He caught it, scored a touchdown, and we won. I have a photo he signed that says, “To the greatest long passer – Love, Billy Joel.” I love that.

Ben Rose, Wildwood  

Aside from my phone, I would probably say my diploma. A lot of years of hard work went into that, and even though it’s just symbolic I would be heartbroken if I lost it.

Ashley Vail, via Facebook  

My sister made everyone in my family the same gift one year: a giant, and I mean giant, grey rock with a photo of you when you were a kid. The photos are shellacked onto the rock, and they’re hilarious. I have a row of them sitting in our foyer, right inside the front door. It’s definitely a conversation starter.

Lucy Miller, Hainesport 

March 2019
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