One More Thing: What’s Your Favorite Thing to Splurge On?

What’s your favorite thing to splurge on?


Paying someone to clean my house twice a month. Best splurge-worthy decision I ever made.
Grace Johnston, via Facebook


My husband and I splurge on a fancy, all-inclusive, kid-free vacation every year. It’s worth every cent.
Miranda Keenan, Medford


Tickets to new Broadway shows. I always want to see them before they turn into the new “Hamilton” and it’s impossible to get tickets.
Tom Warton, Mount Laurel


I love splurging on upgraded necessities – leather gloves for the winter, high thread-count sheets and organic, handmade soaps. It’s nice to make everyday things feel more luxurious.
Sadia Patel, Evesham


Blankets, throw pillows and more blankets. You can never be too cozy.
Sara Cavalro, Cherry Hill


Definitely gym clothes and sneakers, because when you look cute you work out harder. It’s science.
Ashley Petro, Deptford


Shoes, of course. There’s nothing like a new pair of gorgeous heels or stunning flats with a special detail. They make the whole outfit, I think.
Kristen Stombrusser, Audubon


I spring for massages twice a month. I figure they’re good for my mental and physical health, and therefore totally worth the cost.
Liza Standish, Cherry Hill


A really good, long dinner.
Larry Eidell, via Facebook


I like to splurge on makeup, because I love using nice products and having fun with my look.
Liz Rosenberg, Mullica Hill


Good coffee – specifically the strong French kind.
Adam Rubin, via Facebook


There’s nothing like an expensive, fancy cocktail every once in a while. Treat yourself – life is stressful!
Vicky DeCarlo, Glassboro


I like to splurge on technology products, because I love having the newest things and trying them out before everyone else.
Jordon Kellett, Willingboro


A yearly pass for unlimited yoga classes at my favorite studio. This is my second year splurging on it, and I’m still happy I did!
Julia King, Lumberton


Food, because why cook for yourself when someone else does all the work for you?
Jack Royer, Sicklerville


Pretty much anything for my animals. I always want them to have the highest quality. My animals bring me so much joy, so it feels good to spoil them rotten.
Mady Warrington, Mount Laurel


Fancy spices and olive oils. I do a lot of cooking, and I can taste a big difference when I use the good stuff.
Lorraine Spencer, via Facebook


Shoes, makeup and chocolate donuts.
Christine Corti, Atco


Monthly brunch dates with my best friends. We order tons of yummy food (and mimosas!) and sit and talk for hours.
Kelly Swan, via Facebook

March 2017
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