If you’re famous and you have a connection with SJ, we’ve spent the last 15 years doing our best to get an interview! Take a look at some of the awesome celebs who have graced our pages – and covers – and gave us an inside look at what it’s like to be them.



Anthony Bourdain and Jon Stewart

bourdain (1)

jon-stewartAnthony Bourdain: What A Trip – August 2014

Jon Stewart: The Funnyman Gets Serious

We tried to get an interview with Anthony Bourdain for a little over a year and with Jon Stewart for more than two years.

Both had such interesting careers and personalities, we knew the stories would be great. Thanks to a new season of “Parts Unknown” for Bourdain and the release of Stewart’s “Rosewater,” we were granted interviews. And they didn’t disappoint.







Diane Sawyer

Committed to Camden November 2012

We knew Diane Sawyer had a special connection with UrbanPromise after she aired her news report on Camden in 2007. When we heard she was coming back to visit the school, we asked if we could feature her in the magazine. She was warm and gracious, and she clearly has an affection for UrbanPromise – especially its students.




DeSean and Gayle Jackson

Ready to Play, Ready to Lead – October 2010

Tackling Cancer – October 2011

He was at the height of his career with the Eagles, and we were more than eager to get wide receiver DeSean Jackson on the cover. What sealed the deal? Jackson had started summer football camps for kids, and we promised to talk about them in the article. That interview led to a second story with Jackson’s mom, who talked about their foundation dedicated to raising awareness about pancreatic cancer, the disease that had taken DeSean’s dad just a year earlier.




Nick Jonas: New Jersey’s Pop Star Takes on Broadway

April 2012













Kevin and Dani Jonas: Jersey’s Cutest Couple

April 2013












Jon Bon Jovi

The Superstar Rocks Camden – October 2009

The Heart of Camden – November 2011

He’s one of our favorite celebrities to feature on the cover. After interviewing Jon Bon Jovi twice about his work in Camden, we now know he’s a good guy. Good musician, of course. But a good guy? That’s even better.







Claude Giroux

The Era of Claude Giroux – March 2013












Wayne Simmonds

Wayne’s World – March 2014














Carrie Fisher

Princess Leia comes to SJ – January 2013

SJ Magazine Editor-in-Chief Marianne Aleardi had just hosted an evening with Carrie Fisher at the Katz JCC Festival of Arts, Books and Culture. The two got up-close and personal in front of 700 audience members at the popular event. It was only natural then to share Fisher’s stories and insights with our readers. The Hollywood movie actress was, without a doubt, our most open and honest interviewee so far.



Kelly Ripa

Ripa and Ripa – November 2006

Loveable Kelly Ripa – August 2009

A true Jersey girl – born and raised in Stratford – Kelly Ripa was No. 1 on our wish list of cover girls for years. She first appeared with her dad Joe when he was running for Camden County freeholder. We photographed them at a political fundraiser and didn’t know until the very last minute if we would actually get the shot (and when we say very last minute we mean the next day, when the photographer showed us the photos, and we knew they were good enough to appear on the cover). When Kelly began her very public support of Cooper University Health Care, we wanted to share that story with our readers, which she was eager to do. Photography was much easier this time – we were able to use shots from a photo session the hospital had with Kelly.




Dave Robinson

Underrated and Overlooked – Until Now By Sal Paolantonio – September 2013

This was a request from ESPN correspondent Sal Paolantonio. His hero (and Moorestown High grad) Dave Robinson was about to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and Paolantonio thought Robinson deserved great recognition, so he wanted to write a profile for the magazine. The two sat down the night before the induction, and Paolantonio penned a terrific tribute to the all-star athlete.



Philadelphia Eagles

Good Looks – December 2009




Susan Sarandon

Redefining “Jersey Girl” – February 2012

We loved being able to feature a sophisticated woman from New Jersey so we could break that awful stereotype of the Jersey girl. And readers responded. We got tons of feedback telling us they loved the famous actress – and our cover.




Charlie Manuel

Who doesn’t love Charlie Manuel? – March 2010

We came up with the headline “Who doesn’t love Charlie Manuel,” because that question kept popping into our heads while working with him for this story. Manuel sat down with us near his home in Haddonfield, and while his staff said we had to limit the interview to 20 minutes, he talked with us for over an hour. Really, you gotta love that.




Carli Lloyd

SJ’s Soccer Star Takes on the World – August 2011









Terrell Owens

The Winning Bid – November 2005

This was 2005, when T.O. was a pretty popular guy here. He had just auctioned his NFC Championship ring, and the winner, SJ businessman Robert Lipinski, was about to receive it from the football star in person. Marianne Aleardi was the only journalist – and woman – in the private backroom of a cigar shop where the exchange was being made. It was quite a night. Aleardi even wrote about her interview with T.O. and the experience in that backroom in her monthly column.





Donald Trump

Success on Steroids

August 2010







Vince Papale

Invincible – August 2006

Mod Men – February 2014

Vince Papale makes our job of shooting covers easy. When the Disney movie “Invincible” was about to be released, Papale – the film’s inspiration – agreed to appear on our cover. We asked him to show up at the then-Wachovia Center in a tuxedo very early on a very hot Sunday morning. He charmed us with story after story of his life-changing events over the past few years. Two nights before, he told us, he had been to the premiere of “Invincible” and sat at the bar next to Matthew McConaughey. In 2014, we called on him again after noticing he was a pretty stylish dresser. Once again, he was professional and friendly at all times. That’s one of the reasons he received our Personal Best of SJ Award in 2011.





March 2015
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