One More Thing: What’s one goal you hope you reach in 2019?

I want to get up on the right side of the bed – every day.

Michael Kelberg, Cherry Hill

I’m going to finally stop using the “stink-eye” as an appropriate form of communication.

Catherine Bonetti, Washington Township

I would love to become more fluent in Spanish. Right now, I only know words and phrases.

Jennifer Adams, Somerdale

As I move through my 60s, I am realizing the best years of my life might be behind me, and that is a sobering thought. I have always been very critical of myself and other people, and yes, I must admit, I have been judgmental. I am going to focus on all the good things in my life. I want to spend 2019 and beyond in a spirit of joy. I will have to work on it, as it doesn’t come naturally, but I am sure going to try.

Denise Stuart, Haddonfield

Drink more water.

Stephanie Fendrick, Voorhees

I would like to feel better about myself mentally and physically.

Janine Zimmerman, Winslow

I’d like to develop at least two new skill sets that will enable me to make a bigger impact in my work and life.

Lawrence Schmidt, Cape May Courthouse

I want to make new friends and cultivate relationships. To accomplish this goal, I have mini goals that I plan to push myself to do, such as, learning a new skill by taking a class where there are others with similar interests, exercise more by joining in group exercise programs at the gym and traveling more often, which opens up conversations with strangers. Now that my goal is officially set down on paper I’m sure I’ll have a better chance of achieving it.

Lisa Adili, Woolwich Township

My 2019 goal is to easily hold a two-minute low plank.

Donna McArdle, Browns Mills

Ever since I separated from my ex-husband four years ago and we sold our home, I’ve been putting away money to buy a house for me and my two girls. In 2019, I want to finally buy a home on my own. I figure it should be a ranch with no stairs, so I can retire there one day.

Sandy Royal, Cherry Hill

To find people and/or projects that present a real need in life and use my time, talents and finances wisely instead of simply throwing it to the wind on stuff that has no real value.

Nancy Caporusso, Washington Township

My plans for this year range from re-doing our hallway bathroom to becoming debt free in time to pay for my second daughter’s college education, as well as running a second half marathon and taking one overseas adventure.

Rhonda Wexler, via Facebook

I’d like to grow into a full-fledged music producer. It took me a while to find my own, authentic voice as an artist, and I would love to become the kind of producer who helps other artists do the same.

Jenny Pilong, Collingswood

My goal is to look at my phone less. Ever since I updated my phone and Apple sends me my daily usage, I’ve been appalled – at myself!

Lori Smollen, via Facebook

I’d like to balance, not necessarily manage, my time better. I think if I have a little more “me” time, I’ll be able to truly be present with the people I care about. (It may require, however, that I bring my OCD down a notch!)

Gisele DiNatale, Voorhees

I’d like to get together with friends at least one time a month — either as couples or just girlfriends.

Patti Mulholland, Cinnaminson

This year, I’m going to finish all the goals I didn’t get to in 2018.

Mariya Thompson, via Facebook

January 2019
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