One More Thing: What’s the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you

I was at Indian Acres when I went into labor with my second son. My oldest son and husband were on the hayride, but I had stayed back because I wasn’t feeling well. I started feeling the first signs of labor and sat down at a picnic bench. There were two women who must’ve been watching me. They talked with me and made me feel so calm.
Kelly Gambino, Haddonfield


My dog ran away one night when it was pouring, and my neighbor spent an hour helping me find her.
Shannon Harris, Medford


I almost wasn’t able to pay for graduate school one summer semester and owed my college around $1,800. A secretary at the college who was aware of my situation once pulled me aside and offered to loan me the money without hesitation. I ended up not needing it, but that offer was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.
James Castorina, Marlton


Years ago, I was instant messaging with someone from my high school. It was my birthday, and she asked if I was doing anything. I told her no, and she said that was a shame since birthdays should be special. And about 20 minutes later I heard the doorbell ring. When I opened the door, I saw a birthday cake on my porch and noticed her driving off.
John Martin, Galloway


When my cat unexpectedly passed away in the middle of the night, my friends stayed up with me all night to make sure I was OK.
Kristan Broecker, Collingswood


In 1990, my ex-boyfriend committed suicide, and I had left the funeral parlor and gone to a restaurant in Vineland. I couldn’t stop crying long enough to eat my meal. When I got up to go pay the bill I realized I didn’t have money on me, but it didn’t matter because the table sitting next to me had already paid my bill.
Kelly Keener, Lindenwold


I have a friend who always stops and picks up my favorite coffee when she drives past a specific coffee shop.
Angela Porreca, Atlantic City


I was struggling to make ends meet after graduating college. One day out of the blue, I received a check from my older brother with a note telling me he remembered how it felt to be young and broke.
Matt DeMarco, Via Facebook


I was traveling for work, and my flight home had been canceled. I got on the standby list for another flight, but it turned out there wasn’t a seat for me. Just before the flight started boarding, a woman told me she had given up her seat for me. She had heard me talking to my pregnant wife on the phone and told me she knew how important it was for me to get home.
Brian Sellers, Lumberton


I got locked out of my apartment once, and my dad drove over an hour to come unlock my door for me so I wouldn’t have to pay for a locksmith.
Jason Hill, via Facebook


Last summer, I got a flat tire on my way home from the Shore. A total stranger stopped and put my spare tire on for me.
Gina Rossi, Merchantville


After I had my second daughter, every day for two months my best friend came over every day during her lunch break so I could nap. She would also fold my laundry!
Michelle Arnold, Mount Laurel

January 2018
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