The Ultimate Guide to Indoor Herb Gardens: Fresh Flavors at Your Fingertips

If you’re like us and you’ve always dreamed about picking fresh basil from your countertop herb garden but you just weren’t sure how to start, SJ Mag gardening expert Toni Farmer has you covered. Check out her tips for starting your own indoor herb garden. 

Start at your grocery store 

You can start most herbs by heading to your grocery store, says Farmer. Take Basil. Many grocery stores actually sell basil with the roots still on them soaking in water. All you have to do is take it home and move them to a pot, and you’re set. 

Be smart with your fertilizer 

Remember, says Farmer, you use fertilizer when you want plants to grow. That’s why she usually uses it in the Spring for her outdoor gardens. But the same goes for your herb garden, even when it’s inside. Use fertilizer to get your plants started, but be sure not to over use it. 

Get a humidifier

Herbs love humid air and rocky soil, and – at least speaking for ourselves – we love a heater when it’s winter time, but that can really dry out the house. Before you start your indoor herb garden, be sure to pick up a humidifier to add some of that much-needed humidity back into the home, says Farmer.  

Bring on the light 

This may be an obvious statement, but herbs really like sunlight. So before you start your garden, find the spot in your home that gets the best light, advises Farmer. And if you don’t have much light, you can always get a grow light. Your herbs will thank you. 

Use your bathroom 

Farmer’s final tip for any herb enthusiasts is to try out a bathroom herb garden. The herbs will love the steam and the heat that comes from using your shower!

November 2023
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