Grab those rubber gloves, it’s cleaning time. While we’re scrubbing for spring, it’s also the perfect time to take some steps that will help us beat allergy season too. 

The Allergy and Asthma Association of America recommends allergy-prone individuals to take steps to control dust mites, avoid mold spores and prevent pollen from getting inside the house this allergy season. So here are some tasks to add to your spring cleaning: 

This season, we’re going to… 

Add allergy covers to your mattresses 

Fix any leaks to help prevent mold

Buy certified asthma & allergy friendly pillows for your bed

Clean under sinks and behind toilets to prevent mold 

Check your windows and doors for air leaks to prevent pollen from getting in 

Dust and clean blinds, light fixtures and ceiling fans 

Deep clean carpets 

Wash vent covers 

Change the shower curtain liner 

Clean showerhead 

Wash bath mats 

Leave some time after cleaning a room before you spend time in it (chemical scents can trigger asthma symptoms) 

Use a dehumidifier to help decrease dust mites and mold 

Set up a regular cleaning schedule to keep surfaces, bathrooms and bedrooms clean

Declutter to make regular cleaning easier and reduce dust 


March 2024
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