How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

Whether you’re a fall fan or a summer lover, it’s time to trade in your beach days for pumpkin patch weekends. And that means a month of “How am I supposed to dress for this weather?” Well, we’ve got you covered. More specifically, Collingswood stylist Sarah Gleeson does. Check out her tips for transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall. 


The biggest tool in your transition toolbox is layering, says Gleeson, and there are two items that are key to pulling it off with ease: a button-down and a turtleneck. “The good thing is that there is so much variety with these two items, you have so many options to choose from – striped button downs, oversized, sleeveless, neutrals – no matter what your style is, you can find one you love,” she says 

Try layering a fitted, long-sleeve shirt under your favorite button down, or switch it up and put the button down under a vest or a shacket (or even another button down). Turtlenecks are perfect for pairing with those summer dresses and tank tops that you thought you had to pack up when the temps dropped. And if you’re feeling a bit bold, put your turtleneck under a corset style top or drape your button down over a mesh shirt. 


Great news – you don’t have to retire all those breathable fabrics in your closet just yet. Another hack Gleeson swears by for those in-between months is mixing textures. “It gives the outfit more dimension, and can help you stay cooler while still bringing in some fall styles to your look.” 

One of her favorite combos is pairing knits and silks. Try throwing a knit cardigan – cardigans are coming back with a vengeance, she says – over a silk dress. 


Another way to bring a bit of fall into your wardrobe is by adding some trending colors, says Gleeson, like lilac and lavenders, sunny yellows, reds, greens and coconut milk. “We’re going to start seeing these colors pop up everywhere,” she says. “You can either add them into your wardrobe or, one of my favorites, go for a monochrome look.” 

A big tip she has when it comes to color: you don’t have to stray from white. “I hate the myth ‘you can’t wear white after Labor Day,’ you absolutely can!”  

Try a new trend

Sometimes, a new season means it’s time to shake up your style. But that doesn’t mean we need to completely change our wardrobe. Transition season can be a great time to try out one or two trending items as a test run, like the fast-growing menswear trend. 

“We’re seeing lots of tailored and menswear items, like vests, trousers and blazers, making a comeback” says Gleeson. “The best part is they don’t always have to be worn together. You can put a suit vest over a white t-shirt or wear a graphic tee with an oversized blazer. Just remember, we’re going for an effortlessly cool vibe.” 


Remember those mesh ballet flats everyone was wearing a decade ago? Well, for better or worse, they’re back, and they can be a great way to keep you feeling cool (literally) while playing with fall styles, says Gleeson. 

“But just because they’re mesh doesn’t mean you can’t wear them year-round,” she says. “When it gets colder, put a cute sock under the shoe – you can even choose one that has some embellishment on it since those accents are coming back too.” 

Gleeson adds that other footwear we’ll see a lot of this season includes boots and chunky loafers. “Sneakers are sticking around, but they won’t be nearly as popular as flats this season.”

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