With fall right around the corner, we’re getting ready to swap out those seasonal veggies – but without sacrificing that delicious Jersey Fresh flavor. Here are some fall veggies to try, and the many ways you can use them. 


Eggplant may seem intimidating, but it’s a versatile addition to winter recipes for a flavorful dose of veggies. Just make sure that, whatever recipe you try, you’re cooking the vegetable fully. Undercooked eggplant will have a bitter taste and odd texture. 

Recipes to try: eggplant parm, ratatouille, eggplant pizza bites, baba ganoush. 


The cauliflower craze is sweeping the nation, and it’s no surprise because there are so many ways you can use cauliflower in your kitchen – including as a substitute for meat. Roasted, riced, on the side, this vegetable will soak up those flavors and make your dish a little healthier. 

Recipes to try: cauliflower steaks (choose your seasoning), air fryer buffalo cauliflower, cauliflower tacos, cauliflower pizza crust.


Squash is one of those vegetables that makes you feel cozy just by hearing the name. There are so many ways to prepare it – hot and cold – that it will keep your recipes exciting and flavorful all season long. And remember, if you want to make spaghetti squash, you need a specific variety. 

Recipes to try: butternut squash soup, smoked sausage and spaghetti squash, mashed butternut squash, butternut squash breakfast hash. 


SJ Mag’s Marianne Aleardi loves her beets – and we get it. Sure, they can be a bit messy to prepare, but the results are delicious. 

Recipes to try: Borscht, beet and blood orange salad with mint, pickled beets, air fryer beets, beet and goat cheese salads.

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