Routine-Building: The Art of Establishing a Good Routine that works for you

We’ve all heard about the CEOs who wake up at 4 am and get straight to the gym before starting their 12-hour work day. But let’s face it – that’s not going to start tomorrow. Instead, we’ve got some tips for starting a routine that works for you. 

There’s no perfect routine

Some people have to take their kids to soccer practice every afternoon. Others have to be out the door by 6 am for that early Monday morning meeting. And some of us are just trying to figure out the best way to work from home. So when you’re trying to piece together a daily routine – remember that it’s yours. 

There is no one-size-fits-all, magic routine that will automatically fix all your problems. It will take some trial and error, and your routine might not look like the person’s next to you. But that doesn’t mean it’s not perfect for you. 

Use 3 key steps 

You can make a routine for anything. Everything, even, if you really want to. Want to build a routine for your lunch hour? Go for it. Building a routine for your drive home – leave the office, grab a smoothie, call my mom, then listen to my favorite podcast the rest of the drive – you got this. 

No matter what routine you’re making, however, set yourself up for success with three steps from the Center for Disease Control: consistency, predictability and follow-through. In other words, stick to the same actions in your routine, plan ahead what your routine will look like and make sure you do it.   

Set goals 

While it’s proven that having a routine will help you handle life’s obstacles, we’re also big fans of starting a routine that fixes a specific issue you have or works towards a specific goal you’ve set. That’s why our first step with building a routine is to make a list of goals we’d like to accomplish this year. 

Have trouble going to bed at a decent hour? Start a routine where you do your skincare and make a cup of tea before turning off electronics and reading a book in bed. Want to run a marathon? Add a quick run to your lunch routine to get started. Wish you spent more time reading than on TikTok (shout out us)? Work a 10-minute reading session into your morning routine.  

Have fun 

You know that saying “time flies when you’re having fun” – well, turns out that’s true. So make sure not to take these routines too seriously. Add an element of fun to each of your routines – like listening to your favorite playlist while you go for your run. And if you forget to do one for a day or too, don’t freak out. Pick it back up tomorrow. It’s not the end of the world. 

Some of our favorite activities to add to your routine: 

Put on your favorite playlist once you wake up (may we suggest some Taylor Swift?) 

Start your day with some stretching 

Find a tea or a coffee that you really like and take 10 minutes to sit with your drink and get mentally ready for the day 

Drink a whole glass of water 

Go for a walk 

Don’t bring your work into your bedroom 

Put on an outfit you feel good in 

End Sunday with a comfort movie and a sweet-smelling candle 

Start the day with some affirmations (it’s science!) 

Spend Sunday mornings meal prepping 

Make your bed 

Take vitamins

December 2023
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