“Oh no, tomorrow’s Monday.” We’ve all been there, right? Dreading the beginning of the work week and not sure how to get over it. Well, our favorite way to get rid of the Sunday Scaries is a combination of distracting ourselves and preparing for the week ahead. So here is the ultimate list of things to do to beat the Sunday Scaries.  

Sleep in 

Meal prep


Plan your Monday morning 

Treat yourself to a latte 

Deep clean your bathroom 

Wear your comfiest clothes ALL DAY 

Go for a walk

Go for a run 

Call a friend 

Cook a luxurious dinner 

Watch your favorite movie 

Try a new recipe

Run errands

Turn your phone off an hour before bed 

Drink lots of water

Clear out – and clean! – the fridge 

Walk the dog 

Find a new podcast to listen to 

Make a list of things you’re grateful for

Do your skincare routine 

Light your favorite candle

Spend time with the whole family 

Clean out your work bag/work from home space 

Do your nails (or get them done) 

Say your affirmations 

De-clutter your home 

Do a face mask 

Do a hair mask

Check-in on your goals for the year

Wash your bed sheets 

Try on everything in your closet and put together new outfits 

Play your favorite playlist 

Un-plug: put your phone away for an hour or two during the day

January 2024
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