Our Heartfelt Thanks

We’ve all had those times when we just didn’t know the right way to say thank you. You try to think of how to let someone know how much you appreciate what they did and how you can’t get over how touched you were. You wish there was some way to make sure they understood how you felt. Because if they did, they would know how special they were.

That is where we all are now.

For months, we lived through such uncertainty. We worried about so much. We fought to protect our families, stay positive and not forget that there is still reason to have hope. While we did that, some of our neighbors were doing more. They took very careful steps and left their home to do a job that had to be done. It was essential to the lives of those around them.

They cared for critically ill patients. They tested the sick. They filled prescriptions, made deliveries, prepared food, stocked shelves, buried the dead. At a time when the warnings about leaving your home were serious and straightforward, they opened the door and left. They understood the importance of their work. They agreed to do their job and help us all.

We wish we could be sure they understood how we feel, so they would know how truly special they are.

To all the helpers, we offer our Heartfelt Thanks.




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