Think your granola bar is healthy? Don’t be so sure

You have to eat a quick breakfast on the way to work, or maybe you’re starving during those long hours between lunch and dinner. You need something quick and easy that’s filling but not fattening – a granola bar is the perfect choice, right?

Most nutritionists say you’re wrong, according to a new report by The New York Times.

The report compares the views of nutritionists with average Americans, and granola just happened to be the food they disagreed about most. In fact, 71 percent of people think granola bars are healthy, but only 28 percent of nutritionists agree. The reason for the huge disparity in opinions is likely because, contrary to popular belief, granola bars contain a lot of added sugar, the Times reports.

The results show conflicting opinions from experts and the general public on a large number of other “healthy” items, including frozen yogurt (66 percent of the public vs. 32 percent of nutritionists) and coconut oil (72 percent vs. 37 percent).

Another big surprise was quinoa, the reported noted. Often deemed as a “superfood,” only 58 percent of the public considered it healthy, while 89 percent of nutrition experts said it’s a smart choice.

And there’s good news for wine lovers – wine was rated as significantly more healthful by nutritionists than by the public. Get the exact numbers, along with the rest of the insightful report, here.

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