Spring Cleaning Your Health: Detoxifying Your Body and Mind

Put down the mop, it’s time for spring cleaning! No, not that kind. This year, we’re adding our health to the spring cleaning checklist with some to dos that will help us boost our wellness this season. 

Make your appointments

When was the last time you checked in with your doctor? There are so many benefits to meeting with your doctors – yes, with an “s” – regularly, like catching diseases early and learning about preventive behaviors and habits to help you stay healthy. So go ahead, make the call (or you can schedule your appointments online).  

Prioritize water

Dust off that emotional support water bottle, because this season we’re making drinking water a top priority – and we really mean it this time! Drinking enough water each day helps our bodies stay moving, regulates our temperature and keeps away symptoms like headaches, dizziness and others. So make sure you’re getting the recommended 6 to 8 glasses a day.  

Don’t underestimate positivity

Positivity goes a long way. For real, it’s backed by science. And now that the sun is back (yay spring!), it’s the perfect time to introduce a little positive thinking into your wellness routine. Our favorite way is some positive affirmations

Breathe in, breathe out

Speaking of thinking, it’s time to clean out those cobwebs that have cluttered your brain in the hibernating months of winter. Try practicing mindfulness to be in the present and to get some added health benefits (did someone say better sleep?). We’ve got some tips here

Balance (not that kind)

Our favorite part of spring cleaning is bringing a bit of balance into our lives, and this year we’re extending that to our diets too. Preparing dishes that incorporate foods from all of the food groups – not just the tasty ones – give our bodies the nutrients that they need to grow strong and stay healthy. Not sure how you feel, but that sounds like a great start to spring for us. 

April 2024
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