Purge These 5 Spaces for an Organized Home

Getting rid of clutter can feel like a breath of fresh air, but tackling an entire home can be intimidating. Start with these spaces to be on your way to an organized home.


The “Junk Drawer”

Everything in your house marked miscellaneous probably lives in this drawer. Pick through this space to find those headphones you misplaced in June and the receipts you shouldn’t be saving. Then, start a new system. Designate certain drawers for documents or office supplies, even an iPhone accessories drawer, and turn your organization up a notch.


Your Closet

The back of your closet can be a scary place – but there’s so much opportunity. Examine your entire wardrobe. You might find items that you forgot you loved, or maybe an excuse to go on a small shopping spree. Either way, doing a lap through all that clothing will lift a weight off your shoulders.


The Refrigerator

We can’t be the only ones who find a mysterious Tupperware in the dark places of our refrigerator. Having a neat fridge won’t only make you happier when looking inside, but it can help you with food waste too. More visibility means knowing what food is actually in your home come dinner time. No more throwing away now-expired food you couldn’t see.


Underneath Your Sink

The contents of everyone’s sink looks a little different: Cleaning supplies, plastic shopping bags, trash can. But no matter what’s there, it’s probably a mess. Instead of digging through piles of stuff to get to your Windex, clean out empty bottles, create a system for your extra bags and enjoy a maneuverable cabinet.


Your Bag

Being busy doesn’t always allow time to neatly place items in your bag. Then, when you need to find them again, time is wasted rummaging through old receipts and lost Chapstick. Every few weeks, take 20 minutes to pull everything out of your bag and put it back in its assigned place.

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