If You Hate Exercise, It Might Not Be Your Fault

Are you the kind of person who dreads the gym? Thanks to new research, you can blame your parents for that. University of Georgia’s Rodney Dishman has found that certain genes could affect a person’s propensity to exercise.

Dishman presented the results of his study at the American Physiological Society’s Integrative Biology of Exercise 7 meeting on November 3. “Family and twin studies indicate that 20 to 60 percent of the variation in human physical activity can be inherited, but the genetic sources of voluntary physical activity are poorly understood,” he said in a statement.

In his talk “Genetics of Exercise Avoidance” at the meeting, Dishman also explained what exactly is inherited. The genes which determine a person’s level of dopamine – a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s drive, pleasure and reward centers – will affect their inclination to exercise.

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