Five Awesome Apps to Help You Get (and Stay) Healthy

Most people associate smart phones with being lazy, but with these apps, you can go from couch potato to fitness expert in no time.


Map My Run

Short runs, cross-country runs or even brisk walks – this app will help you track it all. With Map My Run, you can check how far you’ve run, where you ran and even your speed. It takes care of your tracking needs, so all you have to focus on is putting one foot in front of the other.



It’s like there’s a trainer living in your phone. You pick the muscles to work and how long you want to work them, and the app does the rest. If you find some favorite exercises – or you never want to do a plank again – there’s a choice to customize your workouts. Say hello to your new six pack.



Drinking water is one of the healthiest habits you can adapt, but if you’re like us, you get too busy and forget to drink the gallon of H2O sitting on your desk. Waterlogged will remind you when you should be taking sips – or gulps, if you’re behind pace. Choose from Daily Reminders, Interval Reminders and Smart Reminders, and then check your progress to see the improvement.



Need a place to post your gym selfies? With Cody, you’re surrounded by a community who will encourage you to work your hardest. In the app, you can post workouts, track your progress and talk with other members about exercises and results. Don’t be fooled by its Instagram look – this is the real fitness deal.



For the flexibility-challenged, this app will get you doing splits, straddles or even just touching your toes. The app’s daily class videos ease you into the positions, and you can track your progress with a handy calendar and stats.

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