Download These 7 Apps to Become a Little Smarter

The next time you reach for that smartphone out of boredom, leave the Angry Birds alone. Instead, get into one of these apps and learn something new. You’ll reach the genius level in no time.


Monster Chords
Sitting in a waiting room as you practice new chords on the guitar is usually frowned upon. Make your lessons mobile with this app and master the instrument wherever, whenever. The pocket guitar has never sounded so good.


Become bilingual, trilingual or even more as you navigate a mix of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation lessons. Practice on the train or the couch to add a few more languages to your repertoire.


There is no limit to topics covered in the archives of TED talks. From musicians to biologists to teachers to CEOs, get new perspectives, information and ideas from these short (or long, it’s your choice) lectures. All you have to do is listen.


You don’t have to attend MIT to become a master coder. With TapCoding, you’ll complete exercises on coding concepts to build your knowledge and experience with this technological language.


Today in History
Ever wondered what was happening 378 years ago on this exact day? Staying on top of historical timelines is easy with this app. Each day, you’ll get a short lesson about what happened on this day long before you were born.


Tackle the final frontier with the people who are exploring it. The NASA app has videos, live streams and news about everything having to do with space. You can even read up on a NASA missions or look at up-close pictures of big stars.


If you can’t decide on a topic to learn about, check out Curiosity and get ready for your mind to wander. It’s like Facebook for learning. This app offers you different areas to explore, and you can share or like the items you find to interact with the rest of the community.


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