Getting a workout can be tough if you’re always worrying about pain in your knees or ankles. Luckily, we’ve got the exercises that will keep your workout pain-free – and they’re fun!



Spending just 30 minutes in a pool swimming laps or just moving around will burn calories and get your muscles working without pain. Or, better yet, try an aqua aerobics class if you really want to get your blood pumping!



Instead of running and suffering from the high impact on your knees and ankles, try an elliptical. Since your feet remain grounded for the duration of this exercise, your joints get a little break.



Riding a bicycle has the same effect as an elliptical. Your feet are doing less work, which means less pain for the joints – and everyone knows how to ride a bike.



This exercise is the perfect upper-body workout. Kayaking allows you to remain seated while still maintaining a strong movement in your arms, shoulders and back.



Not only does yoga give your joints a rest, it also stretches them. This exercise is a great way to work out and save your joints at the same time.


Ballroom Dancing

There’s nothing like being whisked away on the dance floor to replace a boring workout, and the rhythmic movement of ballroom dancing is low-impact for the joints.


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