5 Tips to Have a Positive Attitude All Year Long

October is positive attitude month, but wouldn’t it be great to have a positive attitude every month? Follow these tips from positivity experts to be on your way to a year-round optimist.


See the silver lining

When you’re faced with a situation that seems miserable through and through, make yourself look a little closer. Channel your inner optimist and find that silver lining – there’s one for just about every circumstance.


Start your morning off right

Have you ever had a morning where everything goes wrong and sets your day up to be awful? We have. A gradual start to your day can fix that. Wake up 10 minutes earlier to give yourself plenty of time to get going. And add some positivity time to your morning routine – think three positive thoughts before you get out of bed.



Endorphins make you happy. Try to get as many as you can. Even if it’s taking a nice stroll around the block after dinner, get moving. A little activity can go a long way.


Be grateful

Sometimes it’s hard to grasp how much we have to be thankful for. Get some perspective by writing a daily list of what you’re grateful for. You can start small – aim for five items per day. They can be as big as a rewarding job or as small as a cozy sweater.


Pass it forward

The best part of a positive attitude is getting to spread it to other people. Encourage others to be positive, and when you’re feeling down, they will return the favor. A community of positivity is the key to a better outlook.



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