4 Easy Exercises To Improve Your Posture

There are so many reasons to improve your posture, whether it’s to cure back pain or to appear more poised. Luckily, bad posture can be fixed by doing simple stretches every day. These easy exercises will get you on track to the best posture of your life.


The Head Drop

This stretch can be done anywhere! Just drop your head so that your chin touches your chest and hold for about five seconds. Repeat about 10 times daily.


The Shoulder Roll

Inhale as you bring your shoulders to your ears, then exhale as you release and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Repeat about 10 times daily.


Snow Angels

Lay on your back, on a flat surface, and move your arms and legs outward and inward, as if you are making snow angels. Do this for a few minutes twice each day.



A strong core is a key contributor to good posture, and a simple plank will build that strength. Just lay facedown on the floor with your arms bent at the elbow under your shoulders and your toes tucked under. Hold for one minute, then repeat three times.

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