Just a couple of days after Bryce Harper’s iconic home run in the playoffs, someone paints a mural of him in South Philly. In the mural, Bryce looks more like Jesus than Bryce. Need I say more?
Lou Cappelli, Jr., Haddon Twp.

Even when the Phils are slumpin’, the Eagles lose a nail biter, all the best Flyers are injured or we need to trust the process, I still get to be with my people, eating crab fries while cheering my teams. Win or lose, stadium crab fries are still amazing!
Jessica Sautter, Cherry Hill

Being a Philly sports fan means never being bored. I could be cursing at my TV one minute and the next cheering madly – and I’m not alone. That amazing energy is what’s driving me to pursue my dream of becoming the first female NFL general manager.
Haley Cohen, Marlton

So many sports fans around the country like their team because pop culture tells them to, or they hop on the winning-team bandwagon. Philly fans are a close-knit community of brotherly love – win or lose!
Alyssa DePonte, Delanco

Philly sports fans are the ultimate parents. When you’re bad, they let you know. When you’re good, they are your biggest, most passionate cheerleader.
Nick Morina, Mickleton

I love the pure passion – Philly lives and breathes for their teams. Fans think nothing about letting their teams or a specific player know when they don’t show up, but all is forgiven and forgotten when they do show up.
Debra Noll, Cherry Hill

The joyful silliness – Gritty and the Phanatic and all their antics, Bryce Harper’s green cleats, the crazy handshakes in the Phillies dugout after a big hit. There’s so much heart to the players and fans in Philly.
Tierney Miller, Cherry Hill

Underneath it all, it’s all about brotherly love. The teams bring out commonality, excitement, conversations with strangers and celebrations! (Especially this year.)
Veronica Kraft, Southampton

It’s amazing that Philly sports fans are proud that the city has to grease the light poles to prevent overzealous fans from celebrating.
Cassidy Myers, Glassboro

I grew up thinking Philly fans were insane. After moving to Philly from NYC, I realized the crazy Philly fans genuinely love their teams. What made me officially switch was seeing the love the athletes have for their fans. Going to games is one of my favorite things to do. The energy is amazing! You can officially call me a crazy Philly fan since I named my son Graham after Brandon Graham.
Amy Weiss, Voorhees

This is a love/hate vibe, but I love to love them no matter what. I complain when they are bad, but I still love them. I also feel like if you play for Philly, you are playing for the fans. And if you don’t, you’re outta here. Beth Knapp, Atco

I love the memories of my mom always making snacks for the games.
Nancy Smith, Sewell

It’s like living in a world of constant surprise parties! Surprise…the Eagles are undefeated! Surprise…the Phillies snuck into the World Series!
Seth Klukoff, Cherry Hill

I love how everyone in South Jersey who is 65+ pronounces The Eagles as “The Iggles.” I can’t wait for that to be me someday.
Rachel Gerwatoski, Sewell

It brings me back to being a young child and listening to the Phillies game with my Pop Pop. We would sit and listen to the game on his transistor radio on the back porch of his row home in the city. I love teaching my family that being connected to where you come from matters.
Jill Streb, Marlton

It’s about family. I have been fortunate to watch some of the greatest Philly sports moments with my dad. This past weekend, my 9-month-old son and I shared our first big Philly sports moment: Bryce’s homer! It means more here in Philadelphia, and I can’t wait to teach my son that.
Rob Wilson, West Deptford

December 2022
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