One More Thing: Who was your childhood celebrity crush?

I was in loooove with Sheryl Crow. I had posters, and I was so lame. I signed high-school yearbooks with her song lyrics including “Every day is a winding road.” Yes – I did that.
Rick Halverson, Haddon Heights


In the mid ’70s, I was a HUGE fan of the Bay City Rollers. I grew up in a rural area, so I never got to see them in person.  In the 1990s (thanks to the Internet) I found out there were actually fanfests in various cities. In 1998 I attended one in New Orleans and met two former members. I was a professional in my mid-30s at this point, but still went weak in the knees meeting guitarist Ian Mitchell. He was still cute…charming and funny.
Wendy Marano, Maple Shade


Luke Perry all the way! I cut out his magazine pictures and made a collage in my Trapper Keeper.
Megan Chamberlain, Cherry Hill


My teenage crush was like that of every other teen my age: Amy Jo Johnson, the original pink Power Ranger. I had a sticker book that I filled up with pictures of her from magazines and trading cards.
Evan Heft, Voorhees


Steve McQueen. I had a big poster of him on his motorcycle from “The Great Escape.” He was hot and had a tough-guy image. I had a full-on crush when I saw him fall in love with Natalie Wood in a movie where they had a one night stand, she got pregnant, and he stood by her.
Phyllis Pautrat, Mt. Laurel


I was IN LOVE with Orlando Bloom. When I was at summer camp, one of the girls in my bunk had a poster of
him from “Pirates of the Caribbean,” and seeing as all the boys my age were in their awkward stages (I mean, I was too, but let’s ignore that), I always had my eye on his photo.
Claire Farella, Westmont


I would come home from first grade and stare at my picture of Shaun Cassidy that came as a bonus with his record
album. It didn’t take long for me to notice that my older brother was sticking soggy Cheerios on his eyes. I still haven’t quite forgiven him from ruining my poster.
Laine Ferd, Mullica Hill


Channing Tatum. I had a crush on him ever since I saw him in “She’s the Man.”
Emily Micklasavage, Woodbury Heights


My crush was Zac Efron. “High School Musical” and “17 Again” made me fall in love with him.
Jessica Rothman, Voorhees


Shannon Elizabeth from the “American Pie” movies. Mind you I was 10, but I saw that movie and just thought, “Man, she’s so pretty.”
Alex Cross, Medford


Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. She was the cute, smart, popular sister in “The Brady Bunch.” But she wasn’t perfect – she had regular teen problems, such as unrequited crushes, braces and getting a swollen nose after being hit in the face with a football by Peter before the big dance. It was her perfect imperfections that made me crush on her.
Tony Genovese, Washington Township

December 2019
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