Shereen Pavlides wants you to cook at home – because you can. Sure, that’s easy to say for someone with 15 years of experience working as a recipe developer. But her straight up and to-the-point “How to” cooking guides have taken over TikTok for a reason. Here are some of her favorite “chef-y tips” for home cooks.


Shereen Pavlides

Spice it
Ginger adds that flavorful kick to keep you pepped up through the chilly months. You don’t need to purchase the whole root – just break off what you need. Then peel it with a spoon to get into all the little nooks and crannies. “When you’re not cooking it, grate it for vinaigrettes and sauces for maximum flavor,” she says. “When cooking, mince it. First, slice it with the grain for least resistance. It’s a root – the flavors will hold on to the fiber with direct heat.”


Ice it
To pipe icing like a pro, use a piping bag and a 1M star tip – you can get it at any kitchen or craft store. Twist the end so the icing doesn’t squeeze out and fill. Squeeze from the top down in a circular motion, then pull away. “No pointed top,” she says. “It’s a cupcake, not an ice cream cone.”


And Some Quick Hits

• When squeezing lemons, always roll the fruit first. It helps release the juice.
• When making a sauce or dip that goes bad quickly – like pesto or guacamole – place plastic wrap right on top to keep air out and to keep it from browning.
• When chopping herbs, stack them on top of each other, roll them up and slice. It’s called a chiffonade. See how fancy you are?

November 2020
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