6 Books By South Jersey-Area Authors to Add to your Beach Reads
By Elyse Notarianni

There’s almost nothing better than settling into your beach chair with a good book. And when the author is someone who’s actually from around the Shore you’re sitting on? 10/10 beach experience. 

We’ve got a few suggestions for your summer reading list. 

That Summer
by Jennifer Weiner
Looking for that perfect beach-y vibe? This is almost a 2-for-1 suggestion: “That Summer,” is a sequel to the hit “Big Summer.” (aka, it’s 100% on theme.) When Daisy Shoemaker starts accidentally getting emails meant for a woman named Diana Starling, who leads a completely different life than her own, everything gets turned upside down.

A former Inquirer staffer, Jennifer Weiner is the best-selling author behind the blockbuster hit “Good in Bed,” starring Mindy Kaling. Read an excerpt.




Between the Mountain and the Sky
by Maggie Doyne
Taking a year off to travel before college, Moorestown’s Maggie Doyne encountered a young girl in Nepal that changed her life, leading her to use $5,000 of her savings to start a school for children in the impoverished country. She was named CNN’s Hero of the Year in 2015, and now, she’s sharing her experiences. Read an excerpt. 





Dunes Til Dead
By Daniel J. Waters
Down the Shore, 1976 summer celebrations are halted when the bodies of two young women turn up in the dunes of Long Beach Island. Surf City Police Chief Mickey Cleary jumps on the case — and what she finds is worse than she could have imagined. As part of the Surf City Series, author Daniel J Waters writes about the South Jersey Shore of his youth — late-60s, early 70s. It’s the shore that Springsteen sings about, when you didn’t need a beach tag to set your umbrella in the sand. But with a more sinister twist. Read about author Daniel J. Waters. 





Optimists Always Win
By Kimberly S. Reed
In 2012, Reed lost her mother and grandmother within 3 months of each other. Soon after, she received a cancer diagnosis. Pain and struggles, she says, are unavoidable parts of life. In her recently released book, “Optimists Always Win!: Unlocking the Power to Reach Life’s C-Suite,” Reed outlines her blueprint to facing life with hope. Read an excerpt. 





The Devil May Dance
By Jake Tapper
When 1960’s Washington D.C. political stars Charlie and Margaret Marder find themselves in Los Angeles, they trade in their government big-wigs for a star-studded cast of characters, including Frank Sinatra. But when the bright lights dim, a darker side of Hollywood comes out in a life-and-death tale of corruption and ambition. 

SJ Mag’s Marianne Aleardi sat down with Jake Tapper for the Katz JCC to talk about this based-on-real-life (but definitely fictional) follow-up to New York Times bestseller “The Hellfire Club.” Check out their conversation.




The Woman With The Blue Star
By Pam Jennoff
Set in 1942, this book follows a teenage girl living in the Kraków Ghetto during World War II who forms an unlikely alliance with an affluent Polish girl determined to help her out. 

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