I live for hanging out at the Margate beach bars when there are live bands, especially when a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Atlantic City” comes on and everyone sings along.
Emily Murphy, Sicklerville

Jersey corn! I love watching it grow higher and higher until it finally appears at our farm stand in piles so high you just can’t believe they could possibly sell that much in a day.
Jennifer Kay, Glassboro

Did you know that you can take your groceries home in a Casel’s grocery cart and they will pick up the cart at your house? Only in Margate. It’s the little things.
Karen Wolf, Turnersville

Canoeing and swimming in the tea water of the Pine Barrens and exploring Batsto Village with its worker homes, mills and other historical structures. I’m so relieved they didn’t get damaged in the fires earlier this summer.
Jane Wells, Runnemede

Catching da bass in Medford Lakes.
Bobby Piriylis, Magnolia

So many free concerts nearly every day of the week. It’s almost too many, but it’s just so great to meet up with friends, scope out a spot in the grass for our chairs and groove to the music while the kids play soccer or frisbee nearby. I don’t even mind waiting in line at the food trucks.
Glenn Harding, Voorhees

All winter long I dream about doing laps at my swim club while I’m stuck in the indoor pool. There’s nothing better than taking in breaths of fresh air, feeling the sun on my skin and never knowing what the temperature will be until I jump in.
Colette Barnes, Haddonfield

Growing up, it was beach days at Lake Atsion, which was always so warm and swarming with other kids having fun. I felt like I was swimming in iced tea.
Ellen Powell, Monroe Twp.

Blueberry picking and the blueberry festivals at the farms where you pick the blueberries. And best of all, blueberry pies made from those blueberries.
Ed Engle, Haddon Township

The best is all the beach trips we schedule around how many food places we can hit that day. People think I leave early to beat the traffic. Nope. It’s so there are more hours to fit in the White House sub shop in AC, Jagielki’s in Ventnor and Johnson’s popcorn in OC.
Marci Sechtin, Marlton

I spend as much time as possible with my dog at the Longport Dog Beach. It’s such a treat to swim with the dogs – for him and me.
Suzanne Keller, Paulsboro

It’s so much fun to go to all the outdoor festivals where you buy creative, beautiful handmade items that you don’t need but must have.
Jacey Moore, Cinnaminson

Gardening at the Barclay community garden. Everyone is so neighborly.
Tara Marcus, Cherry Hill

August 2022
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