I love taking long bike rides with my cousin through the city late at night when there’s no traffic.
Emma, 16
Mount Holly


I love the Boardwalk. I go to the arcade and play miniature golf, and then we go on rides at night. My little brother always wants to go on the rides me and my dad go on, but he’s too little. It’s just me and my dad who can go.
Thomas, 8


The best part about summer is that my big brother is home from college and I get to see him every day.
Addy, 10


Spending time with family and friends at LBI.
Nick, 17
Mount Laurel


I get to spend more time with my pets. I have a dog, two bunnies and two fish. But I really want a pig and a horse.
Maya, 9


Boogie boarding on the big waves in the ocean.
Ben, 9


We go camping with my cousins a lot. We get to stay up really late and then sleep in our own tent.
Sophia, 11


The best thing about summer is when I finally finish my summer reading assignments and I can really start having a summer.
James, 15


Every night in the summer my mom lets me have ice cream. She would never do that in winter.
Bobby, 6
Cherry Hill


I like going to the Shore and watching the fireworks at night.
Paige, 14


Swimming. I’m taking lessons so I can learn to go in the deep end of the pool all by myself.
Henry, 5
Mount Holly


Sleeping in!
Madeline, 7


I love vacation and seeing new things.
Ava, 7


My favorite thing about summer is that there is no school. Yeah, that’s it.
Christina, 9
Somers Point


I like mini golf, the beach and fireworks.
Luke, 6


No school!
Dylan, 16


In the summer, I really love going to camp. I make lots of friends, and at my camp the staff is super nice. I never get bored.
Chloe, 9
Cherry Hill


Blowing bubbles.
Fletcher, 3
Mount Holly


I go to sleep-away camp for two weeks every summer, and it’s awesome. We get to swim, do archery and even go on a zip line. But my favorite part is the color war. I was on the blue team last year, and we won.
Graham, 11


I like seeing all my friends. Since we don’t go to the same schools, I get to hang out with them more in the summer.
Christina, 13

August 2017
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