One More Thing: What’s the Biggest Mistake People Make At the Gym?

Let me summarize with this short statement: Too much, too fast. Don’t lift more weight than you can perform comfortably in three sets of 15. Rome wasn’t built in a day – nor was your body.
Uplekh Purewal, MD
Pain Specialist, Relievus


The worst thing anyone can do at the gym is not show up.
Joanne Robinson
Dean, Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden


The three biggest problems I see are:
1. Performing exercises that can injure joints
2. Lifting weights improperly with either too much weight or too many reps
3. Forgetting that “no pain, no gain” is reserved for patients under 35.
Arthur Bartolozzi, MD
Aria 3B Orthopaedic Institute


When an exercise becomes too difficult, people tend to not modify the exercise. Instead of lowering the amount of weight or simplifying the movement, people push on, and this leads to improper form, increased risk of injury and not receiving the intended benefit of the exercise.
Joshua Whalen
Fitness Specialist, William G. Rohrer Center for HealthFitness


One of the biggest mistakes is doing an activity your body is not ready for, like lifting too much weight. Also, it’s not a good idea to skip rest days.
Tom Plut, DO
Lourdes Sports Medicine


They don’t set smart goals. Impractical goals are one of the leading causes of exercise dropouts. Establish a realistic training goal that is specific and geared for your own fitness level.
James Lam
Head Coach, Orangetheory Fitness Moorestown


People tend to copy or mimic other people’s form at the gym – and that person may be doing it all wrong. When your form isn’t correct, you won’t get results. Even worse, you could injure yourself, so ask a trainer.
Frank Johnson
Personal Trainer, Master Body Sculpting


One of the biggest mistakes people make is to not ask for help. No question is a silly question if it helps you reach your fitness goals.
Linda Murray
Personal Trainer, Mount Laurel YMCA


For beginners, I would say the most common mistake is having unrealistic expectations. Initially, it is best to exercise on non-consecutive days and gradually increase intensity and duration of exercise. Non-beginners, mistake is not varying exercises.
Greg Taylor, DO
Kennedy Health Alliance


One of the biggest mistakes people make at the gym is doing the same exercise routine over and over. The body needs change to produce results.
Gene Bonetti
Fitness Director, Katz JCC


Everyone is an individual with different needs, limits and in different states of fitness. A big mistake is trying to keep up with someone else. Stop at the onset of pain, and be sure to stretch properly before and after working out. Also, always listen to a good playlist.
Stephen Kirshner, MD
Kirshner Spine Institute


For individuals just starting out at the gym, the biggest mistake is not knowing how to use the equipment properly. Poor technique and starting out with too much weight can end in injury.
David Gealt, DO
Assistant Director of Sports Medicine, Cooper Bone and Joint Institute


The biggest mistake people make at the gym is not approaching their workouts, and exercise in general, as a lifestyle. We need to make exercise a priority in our lives for general well-being.
Brett Michener, PT
M&M Physical Therapy


They believe that to lose weight, they need to do cardio, cardio, cardio. The truth is that strength training has proven to be a more effective weight-loss strategy, along with proper diet and yes, some cardio.
Kelly Hasbrouck Nicastro
Fitness Director, Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club


April 2017
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