The Women of the Sixers Share Advice on Making Your Mark

The Sixers are known for recognized for hiring practices that have placed a number of talented women in high-level positions – and these women are making a name for themselves in a male-dominated industry. They shared with us some advice for “Making Your Mark” in the business world.


“You have to network. And get your own personal board of directors who will be honest with you, support you and tell you when you’re wrong.”
Lara Price, COO


“Don’t be ashamed of being your true self and being authentic, because those opinions and perspectives and experiences are needed to drive us all to be better.”
Katie O’Reilly, Chief Marketing Officer


“Be courageous, and jump right in. Once an opportunity comes, believe in yourself as much as the people who gave you that opportunity believe in you.”
Annelie Schmittel, VP of Player Development


“Don’t be afraid to speak up and have confidence in yourself and what you bring to your role within the organization.”
Tina Szwak, VP, Controller


“Claim your accomplishments. Women tend to diminish the contributions they have in accomplishing team goals. They will frequently say it was a team effort, even if they do most of the work. I’m not saying you should brag, but don’t make your accomplishments seem smaller than they are. If someone says, ‘You did a great job in this task,’ just say, ‘Thank you.’”
Ivana Seric, Data Analyst


Read more about the women of the Sixers in our February issue.

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