Alice Paul’s portrait could soon grace the walls of the U.S. Capitol

On March 4th, the Alice Paul Institute (API) presented Norcross with its Equality Award for his constant efforts to advance fairness socially and economically.



“It’s a rare honor to have a portrait hung in the Capitol but, currently, under 10% of the people receiving this honor are women. We can do better than that, and there’s no one who deserves this tribute more than New Jersey’s Alice Paul.” – Congressman Donald Norcross

Alice Paul played a pivotal role in providing the foundations for women’s rights. More than a century ago, her activism was a catalyst for the ratification of the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote in 1920. And now her portrait could soon grace the walls of the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, DC – thanks to a resolution introduced by Congressman Donald Norcross.

“From leading the National Women’s Party for over 50 years to authoring the Equal Rights Amendment, Alice Paul never stopped fighting for what’s right,” says Norcross. “Even when times were rough and she was arrested, she always stood by her convictions. As someone who grew up not far from her family’s home in South Jersey, I have always heard about and admired Alice Paul’s audacity. I hope my colleagues from around the country will soon be able to see our Jersey hero on a regular basis.”

Suffragette protesters reacting to the imprisonment of Paul and other female activists.

Through the Alice Paul Institute (API), her work and ideals live on through exhibits at her family home in Mt. Laurel as well as leadership groups for young women. The API supports Norcross’ resolution.

“We applaud Congressman Norcross’ commitment to rectifying the severe lack of public art that recognizes the important contributions of leading women in American History,” says Krista Niles of the Alice Paul Institute.


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