The sweetest treat of all
Eagles fan from Atco wins season tickets in Peanut Chew giveaway

Atco resident Heather Berman is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan. She also loves Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews. So it was a no-brainer for her to buy about a dozen Peanut Chew bars at her local WaWa over the past few months after learning about Goldenberg’s Eagles season tickets giveaway contest.

In Wanka-esque fashion, the Bethlehem-based candy company announced its campaign in the fall. One “Golden Eagles ticket” was hidden inside a king-sized candy bar.

Still, she was in disbelief when she found THE ONE as she ripped into a bar for a morning snack at work last month.

“The first thing that went through my head is ‘there is absolutely no way this was real,’” says Berman, 24, who nonetheless followed instructions to sign the golden ticket and mailed it in. “Every time my boyfriend, parents or sisters mentioned anything to me, I just didn’t want to get too excited.”

Oh, it was real. Berman, a manager at the Bagel Bin in Voorhees, saved the excitement for a ceremony last week at the Wawa in Cherry Hill where she bought the coveted candy bar.

Surrounded by family members all bedecked in Eagles jerseys, she received two oversized tickets from former Eagle Barrett Brooks. The entourage included lots of media and two mascots: Swoop from the Eagles and Wally Goose from WaWa.

Berman credits her father Richard for turning her blood Eagles green at birth. “He lives, eats and breaths Eagles all year long,” she notes. For that, he is definitely on the invite list – along with her mom, Uncle Chuck (also massive fan) and boyfriend, who’s never been to a game.

The Bagel Bin is already on notice she won’t be working on game days next season.


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