Rutgers study: Women leaders are better than men at cultivating workplace diversity

When it comes to the workplace, women executives are far more effective than their male counterparts at increasing organizational diversity, according to a new Rutgers study.

“Women have been leaders of communities and families for centuries, says Anuja Gupta, assistant professor of management at Rutgers-Camden. “In positions of leadership, they are well-suited to enhance and to bring about diversity in organizations.”

Gupta is the author of “Women Leaders and Organizational Diversity: Their Critical Role in Promoting Diversity in Organizations.” The study was recently published in the international journal “Development and Learning in Organizations.”

“Women outperform men in several key competencies: collaboration, inspiring others, motivating others, listening and being accepting of others,” says Gupta, who studies strategy and women’s leadership.

She says that developing diversity must be more than a buzzword.

“It is so critical in a global world where we have an influx of nationalities, cultures and sexual identities,” she says. “Any workplace that wants to be a productive workplace going forward has to have a plan to deal with its diversity.”

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