How South Jersey Are You?
The results are in. How many did you get right?

Did you take our “How South Jersey Are You?” quiz in the February 2019 issue? Keep reading to find out how you did.


What SJ city is the only place in the state where you can still see drive-in movies?

Answer: Vineland, NJ is home to the Delsea Drive-In Theater, which reopens later this month.








What legendary creature hails from the Pinelands?

Answer: The Jersey Devil


Kelly Ripa had her TV debut on a Philadelphia dance show. What was it called?

Answer: Dancin’ On Air

What high school is Eagle Corey Clement’s alma mater?

Answer: Glassboro High School


Name two SJ towns on the Underground Railroad.

Many South Jersey cities played a key role in the success of the Underground Raildroad, including: Lawnside, Salem, Camden, Haddonfield, Cherry Hill and Burlington










What tasty boardwalk treat is eaten by the handful and comes in a bucket?

Answer: Popcorn









What famous poet is buried in Camden?

Answer: Walt Whitman










What global food market operates in Camden?

Answer: Campbell’s Soup Company












Which shore resort was the inspiration for the board game Monopoly?

Answer: Atlantic City

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