I guess my favorite movie is “Saturday Night Fever.” The outfits. The dancing. The one-liners. And John Travolta’s character of Tony Manero was just cool.

Dominic Vesper, Gloucester Twp.

“Galaxy Quest” is my favorite. I’m a huge science fiction fan and love the way the movie spoofs my favorite iconic TV shows.

Kyle Ruffin, Hainesport

“School of Rock” always makes me laugh, and I love the quirkiness of the characters. It’s fun, has a great soundtrack and a positive message. I can watch it over and over.

Eileen Unger, Hammonton

The movie that does it for me is Roman Polansky’s “Rosemary’s Baby.” It’s a cleverly directed movie that serves as a reminder that evil can lurk in seemingly normal settings.

Kristin Walker, Westampton

If I am flipping through the channels and one of these comes on, I WILL watch – no matter where it is in the movie: beginning, middle or end. In no particular order: “Field of Dreams,” “Titanic” (it always sinks at the end!) and “Jurassic Park.”

Wendy Marano, Maple Shade

For me it’s “Field of Dreams.” Not only do I love baseball, but I love the story of how baseball can bond and define a relationship between a father and son. The quote, “Dad, do you want to have a catch?” gets me every time.

Bill Emerson, Moorestown

You can feel every emotion possible when watching “Steel Magnolias.” I love that it shows the joy and the hardships life can throw at you.

Beth Borchers, Haddon Heights

Virtually every Christmas, I must watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “White Christmas.” Both capture the spirit of the holiday in very different ways. The former is intense and a reminder of the value of every human being, and the latter is light-hearted and fun to sing along with.

Patricia Quigley-Ayscue, Mantua

As a mom to a 4-year-old, I have literally been watching “Trolls” on repeat for two years. My daughter LOVES this movie. My adult movie would be “The Greatest Showman.” I love the messages taught throughout, and the music is addictive.

Melissa Neiheisel-Reuter, Burlington

Through most of the major milestones in my life, I have continued to turn to “The Shawshank Redemption.” It’s a story about friendship, despair, hope, wit and overcoming unimaginable adversity. It is a movie I connect with in a different way each time I watch it.

Ted Paterson, Medford

Definitely “High School Musical” – all three of them! Those are the movies that take me back to sleepovers in my best friend’s basement during middle school. They are such underrated movies, and it freaks me out that kids today don’t even know who Troy Bolton is.

Mary Reese, Bridgeton

September 2019
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