Chef’s Table: Yokohama Japanese Restaurant
Tempura Lobster with Tempura Avocado

Serves 1

2 cups

1 cup
sparkling water

1 jalapeño pepper

¼ onion

3 quarts

¼ avocado
sliced lengthwise

2-4 oz
lobster tail

to taste
salt, pepper, cilantro and spicy aioli

Cindy Chan-Sze and Ken Sze, owners

Cindy Chan-Sze and Ken Sze, owners


To make jalapeño and onion mixture, sauté jalapeño pepper and onions over medium heat until onions are translucent.

To make tempura batter, mix sparkling water with one cup of flour.

To make the tempura avocado, cover the avocado with flour and place in the batter. Deep-fry in the oil about four minutes or until cooked.

To make lobster, heat oil in a pot to 325 degrees. Take the lobster tail and cut it in half down the spine. Slightly remove the tail meat, leaving the shell attached at the tail. Dredge the tail in the rest of the flour. Dust off any extra, then dunk in tempura batter. Deep-fry the lobster for four minutes or until fully cooked. Remove the lobster, plate and generously sprinkle with salt and pepper. Serve with jalapeño onion mixture. Garnish with cilantro and serve with spicy aioli.

When You Go:
Yokohama Japanese Restaurant
300 South Lenola Road • Maple Shade
856-608-8812 •

September 2015
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