#SalPalSBLII: Sal Interviews Carson Wentz

I sat down with Carson Wentz for an exclusive one on one interview Monday night and it was fascinating and revealing on so many levels.

Wentz, who I have known and admired and interviewed many, many times since he was drafted two years ago, admitted to me that “it has been tough” on him personally to watch the Eagles reach the Super Bowl without him.

“Obviously, the roles have changed,” he said. “Things are different. Not quite how I envisioned the end of the season here. But obviously the first few weeks I was up in the booth, once playoffs came around I could be back on the field and around the guys. I had a headset on, I was as involved as any of the coaches. I talked to Nick between drives, Nick and Nate about what we are seeing, I throw in an idea here and there. Kind of letting Nick be the leader, but kind of still being in his ear. And then throughout the week, i’m still meeting with those guys in the quarterback room in the morning, just talking through the game plan and talking through life. Just trying to be there as much as I can.”

So, he’s gone from star to quarterback in a supporting role.

The last question I asked him was what advice he would give Nick Foles as he took the field for Super Bowl LII against the Patriots.

“I would say, ‘hey, remember it’s just football,’” Wentz. “At the end of the day, it’s just football.”

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